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    Sizeable, and almost stemless white or pale pink flowers open on very short stems above a rosette of fleshy, strap-shaped leaves. This unusual plant is a deciduous lewisia, that is, it dies away to a tuber in the winter, then in the spring reappears! ... Learn More


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    This choice and quite superb dwarf hardy alpine has rosettes of pale pink flowers radiating from a tiny rosette of succulent green leaves. It is quite hardy and dies down to a resting winter bud underground, the leaves re-appearing each spring. It will gently self-seed in a trough making a gentle drift of glistening flowers. ... Learn More



    Appropriately-named, each spring, this tiny herbaceous alpine forms a rosette of thin, radiating succulent leaves. In spring a succession of delicate, palest pink, short-stemmed, tissue-paper flowers arise, in a rosette form, from the centre of this gorgeous gem. ... Learn More



    A most unusual-coloured dwarf Chilean libertia making showy clumps in high meadows and very hardy. From iris-like leaves, arise numerous spikes of intriguing flower heads which are a rare shade of palest china blue and produce bright orange anthers. We have recently been reliably informed that the correct name for this plant is Libertia sessiliflora. ... Learn More


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    One of New Zealand's exquisite natives which has settled down well in the UK, this distant iris relative has sprays of pure white, almost orchid-like, saucer-shaped flowers with yellow stamens atop clumps of non-invasive dark green stems. Graham Stuart Thomas states that it is "Desirable and elegant." ... Learn More


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    This southern hemisphere plant is a clump-forming evergreen perennial from Chile with narrow, upright, sword-like leaves and stiff stems bearing clusters of three-petaled white flowers in late spring and early summer. It is perfect for adding evergreen structure and foliage interest to a sunny, sheltered border. ... Learn More



    Offering year-round allure, these superb, compact upright clumps bear narrow fans of stiff leathery blades, each uniquely painted with green, yellow, orange, purple-red and bronze stripes. The open-branched stems feature white 3-petaled, saucer-like flowers that sparkle in spring, and produce intriguing orange seed pods in autumn. In the winter months the leaves turn dark red shades. ... Learn More


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    A lovely miniature, slowly running, evergreen plant bearing sprays of delicate white star flowers over small fans of golden striped yellow leaf blades, attractive yellow berries form later. ... Learn More


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    7.6 centimetre wide, bright orange flowers on branching purple stems, stand above glossy, beetroot-coloured, heart-shaped leaves. This exceptional back-of-border or even bog plant attracts countless butterflies and moths. ... Learn More


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    Umbels of fragrant white flowers arise above compact basal clumps of very finely-divided, parsley-like foliage. This Spanish endemic plant's natural habitats are mainly a Mediterranean-type Garrigue shrubby vegetation and on rocky shores. It has now become a threatened plant species due to habitat loss. It will fare best in a well-drained dry spot but when fed and watered well, may grow much larger. ... Learn More



    We acquired this plant resembling an extremely lovely dwarf angelica some years ago, and called it Angelica 'Summer Delight' but have finally pinned a botanic name to it. Produces low compact clumps of thick shiny leaves above which arise purple stems carrying sprays of white flowers. ... Learn More


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    This late-flowering species that is native to eastern Asia from Taiwan to Siberia, northern and central China and Japan, has one of the widest ranges of an Asiatic lily. These lovely brick-red flowered plants with reflexed petals are rarely offered in commerce, but they are excellent additions for well drained rock gardens and are easily grown from seed. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    Lilium ciliatum, commonly known as the Tiger Lily or Leopard Lily, is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the Liliaceae family. The Tiger Lily is renowned for its large, showy flowers. Each stem bears a cluster of pendant or Turk's cap-shaped blossoms with recurved petals. The distinctive feature of these flowers is their striking color pattern, with orange to deep red petals adorned with dark spots, resembling the coat of a tiger or leopard. Lilium ciliatum typically grows from a bulb, producing tall, sturdy stems that can reach heights of 3 to 6 feet (about 1 to 2 meters). The lance-sha ... Learn More


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    Lilium dauricum, commonly known as the Turquoise Lily or Siberian Lily, is a perennial flowering plant belonging to the Liliaceae family. The star attraction of Lilium dauricum is its exquisite, nodding flowers. Each stem bears a cluster of 2 to 6 turkscap-shaped blossoms with recurved petals. The unique coloration of the flowers can vary but often includes shades of turquoise, violet, or pink, with darker spots or markings. Lilium dauricum is native to various regions in Asia, including Siberia, Mongolia, China, and Korea. This lily is well-adapted to a range of habitats, from meadows to fore ... Learn More


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    Beautiful white, lightly scented flowers, in a turk's cap form, which are spotted with red and purple. Flowering in June and July with up to 6-8 blooms on each vertical stem, giving an eye-catching display. Originally from Asia, where it grows in forest margins, it prefers shade or part shade and a moist soil. ... Learn More


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