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    These sizeable, perfectly shaped orange-yellow beefsteaks have smooth shoulders, very little core, buttery firm orange flesh with small or no seed cavities and thick gel, with an outstanding flavour evocative of the famous Yellow Brandywine, although this ripens earlier. A vigorous mid to late season potato leaf plant, it stays healthy throughout the entire season. It is said to have originated with Count Aleksei Orlov, the famous animal breeder, horticulturist, and Russian War hero of the 18th century. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A traditional variety of open pollinated Savoy cabbage, Ormskirk has a medium-sized, compact head surrounded by the typical crinkled leaves and a fine, almost nutty flavour. The plants are quite hardy and can be harvested from Christmas onwards when many other vegetables are scarce. ... Learn More



    An ancient Heirloom English variety of runner bean dating back to the 17th century with attractive bi-coloured red and white flowers. Compact plants produce tender pods best picked young for fresh flavour. ... Learn More



    This red Dulce Italiano type pepper produces tasty, high quality, conical shaped fruits. In addition it is vigorous and works exceptionally well under cooler conditions, showing very good resistance to TMV. ... Learn More



    A 19th century French heirloom, Paris Market Baron are deliciously tender, bite-sized, round carrots, with a very smooth skin. Early maturing and uniform, even in a window box, they are ideal for growing in shallow or stony soil. ... Learn More



    Flowers which secrete a sweet nectar that attracts bats and other pollinators, open in a light-bulb shaped mass at the end of long stalks. When the the flowers die, long, twisted, translucent pods emerge in clusters. With high levels of amino acids, this nutrition- packed bean has an unusual aroma, but in a scrumptious sort of way! Please do not be put off by some of the odd-sounding common names though! Just be reassured that this bean is one of favourite things to eat on this planet. In warmer countries it is revered in market places, dangled up for display, or promoted at the front of the stall, and restaurants that can obtain it hang it near the doorway, luring in the seduced guests. Finally, for those who wish to sample this incredible tasty bean delicacy, apparently this also endows the consumer with the same after effects as obtained by consuming asparagus! ... Learn More



    A very good yielding French Heirloom summer squash from the 1800's bearing green-banded, yellowish-cream, bowl-shaped scalloped fruits in abundance. Excellent eating! ... Learn More



    This famous Russian tomato, named after the famous singer, has almost a cult following amongst tomato connoisseurs. Large, black-brick, solid-fleshed fruit have a fabulous, distinctive, sweet smoky flavour. Very rarely available. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Resembling a giant Butternut squash, but with a very long neck, these magnificent fruits can weigh up to 20 lbs in size! The superb flesh of this amazingly curved ancestor of the original Butternut is sweet, deep orange and richly flavoured. It is ideal for making delectable pumpkin pies, and is perfect for cooks as the seeds are all contained neatly in the bottom bulb of the fruit meaning less fuss and more flesh. ... Learn More



    Pennyroyal is a small creeping plant with clusters of lilac flowers. Its strong minty flavour made it a popular culinary herb from Classical times up to the Middle Ages although it later fell out of favour. The fresh or dried leaves of the plant were used to flavour pudding. Pennyroyal also has many uses in herbal medicine. ... Learn More



    The gorgeous round fruits of the Melon pear are cream skinned with purple streaks and have deliciously sweet and juicy flesh which is a succulent mixture of honeydew melon and cucumber. It is grown in a manner similar to its relatives such as the tomato, although it grows naturally upright by habit, and can thus be grown as a free-standing bush. Supports are sometimes used to keep the heavy crop of fruit from pulling the plant down. It has a fast growth rate, bearing fruit within 4 to 6 months after planting, and seeds are rarely produced in the UK. Although it is strictly a perennial, making a sizeable shrub, it is often cultivated as an annual, the attractive fruit often being seen in markets in Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru and Chile. ... Learn More


  12. PEPITO F1

    A Cantaloupe Melon variety, producing Rugby Football shaped fruit, typically weighing a couple of pounds. The flesh has a deep orange colour and great flavour. The rind features an attractive combination of fine netting and bright green longitudinal bands. Mildew resistant. ... Learn More



    A lovely hard-to-find heirloom from the mountains around Crab Orchard, Tennessee, producing large, meaty 1lb tomatoes, that are beautifully striped with red and orange with a low acid and sweet and mild flavour, perfect for eating like fruit. This good yielding variety is both attractive and delicious. An American grower says: "This tomato has a great taste and I don't like tomatoes that much, but this is my favorite and yes I do eat this one like fruit, you can't get this taste in the stores!" (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A very hot pepper, it sits very near to the top of the hot pepper scale, above the Jalapeno, and at between 10,000 and 20,000 Scoville units of heat, which parallels the famous Serrano pepper in terms of overall pungency. The taste is similar to the bright, crisp taste of the jalapeño, but is just a fraction sweeter. This rather rude and phallic-looking pepper usually grows to between four and six inches long, and ripens from green to a shocking-red, adding even more to the description of "The Most Pornographic Pepper" by Organic Gardening Magazine. Indeed, we were rather reluctant to sell such an offensive-looking thing, and we hope you will forgive us. ... Learn More



    A 17th century French heirloom originally from the garden of the Bishop of Rennes. An early variety which is well adapted to cooler climates. The fruit are smooth-skinned with slight ribbing and weigh about 2 lbs while the orange flesh has a superb sweet flavour, fine texture and delightful scent. ... Learn More


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