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    Sweet miniature bell peppers from Pennsylvania which grow on small bushes. The fruit are only a couple of inches in size but, as their name suggests, they are can be stuffed to form tasty appetisers, although they can also be pickled or grilled. ... Learn More



    Native to the Mediterranean, this is one of the easiest varieties to grow and is an excellent source of vitamins and iron. The beautiful, emerald green leaves have a strong agreeable flavour making it perfect for eating raw or cooked. ... Learn More



    Hot Pepper. F1 variety. Excellent patio variety. Open plant habit, decorative plant Fruits are spicy, they ripe from light green into deep red and have a weight of approx. 60 gr. Fruit length is approx. 15 cm. Eye catching for any balcony. Used in soups, sauces etc. ... Learn More



    The Tamarillo (Cyphomandra betacea) is the "Tree Tomato". Like its cousins of the closely-related Lycopersicon genus (the ordinary common tomato), the egg-size fruit makes good eating, and is typically made into jams or conserve, although it is recommended that the skin and seeds are removed before cooking. It therefore makes either a fruiting shrub or a superb foliage plant! It is easily grown from seed and makes a pleasing contrast to the more typical foliage of cannas, gingers and bananas. Easily grown from seed, the roots of this plant are quite tough surviving moderate frosts, and in relatively mild areas usually re-grow from the base. Otherwise grow in a large container and overwinter frost free. ... Learn More



    Originating from America, we cannot really improve on what Glecklers Seedmen 1958 catalogue said: "EVERGREEN TOMATO Green When Ripe" This strange tomato refuses to change color (USA spelling!) from its green stage other than to a pale yellowish green when dead ripe. Interior of fruit is extremely fleshy, remains green. Luscious and tender, a typical delicious tomato taste, moderately acid. Very fine for slicing and frying and especially for making delicious conserves. Pleated and large - tangy acidic but still tasty. Very productive. Wow! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This attractive, easy-to-grow, hardy Asian variety produces a thick rosette of dark green nutritious oval leaves, with a creamy texture and a mild but distinctive flavour that makes them perfect for eating in salads, stir fries or soups! ... Learn More



    These small plum tomatoes sometimes vary in shape but very often resemble teardrops. The fruit are crack resistant and have a firm texture and a sweet and tangy flavour. A reliable cropper. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    First introduced in 1897 this parsnip, with a good resistance to canker, has long, tapered, smooth-skinned roots from a broad 3" shoulder. The flesh is fine-grained and sweet-tasting with very little core. ... Learn More



    In spite of its name, this dwarf 18th century American heirloom lettuce, one of Thomas Jefferson’s favourites, is distinctive for its delicate, pale-green leaves, which form a medium-sized Boston-type, loose head. Maturing at a very small size, it is perfect for pots and balconies. ... Learn More



    A tall-growing, good-yielding variety giving an extremely long season of small red cherry tomatoes which are deliciously sweet and juicy. Trusses continue to carry on swelling and ripening, quite incredibly until the first frosts. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A very heavy producer of small cherry tomatoes which do perfectly in salads or to eat alone as they have a distinctive, very sweet caramel-like taste. Originally from Texas where it was found in the wild. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  12. THAI HOT

    An ideal container plant, popular at Oriental supermarkets, this beautiful ornamental and culinary pepper which is easy to grow and also very prolific, is well-known for its extreme spiciness. Heat 4 ... Learn More



    A dwarf (18"-24") self-supporting, bushy broad bean which can be spring-sown, or overwintered if protected using cloches. Perfect for the small or exposed garden this variety produces compact plants with multi-heads of beans with around 5 beans per pod. A heavy yielding plant, the beans are best harvested young for the best taste. RHS 'Award of Garden Merit' winner. ... Learn More


  14. THYME

    This hardy perennial can be picked and used all year round. With attractive, small green, clustered leaves and pastel pink flowers it is an attractive addition to any herb garden and is perfect for stuffings, poultry dishes and stews whether used fresh, dried, frozen or infused into oils. ... Learn More



    Amongst the finest medium-sized tomatoes we've grown. Tigerella (aka Mr Stripey) are completely greenback free, have a unique rich flavour, crop heavily indoors or out and ripen more than three weeks earlier than Moneymaker and of course those amazing yellow tiger stripes too! "highly drought-resistant, travels well"(from Rebecca Wallis, on of our regular customers!)(Cordon) ... Learn More


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