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    This heirloom from the Ozark mountains of America is an almost disease-free cherry tomato, with good resistance to early and late blight. The high-yielding small to medium-sized soft sweet fruits have won competitions for flavour. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A rare and endangered heirloom cherry tomato from France. Bright red fruit have an orange tinge inside and a long, strong, lingering flavour. Productive vines produce loads of these tiny jewels that seem to melt in your mouth. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  3. TOPSI

    Topsi produces a scarlet round radish with fine roots, thin skin and firm crunchy white flesh, and can be grown as a "catch crop" between other slow growing vegetables. As its name suggests this is a fast-growing and early radish. ... Learn More


  4. Capsicum pubescens


    The rare true species of Capsicum Pubescens is quite different from all other domesticated species of peppers, and indeed is the least cultivated and least widespread of them all. Readily identified by their black seeds and hairy leaves (pubescens means hairy), all of the various forms of this species have a distinctive flavour and heat that is different from all other peppers. Some of the cultivars are even hotter than the habanero! A valuable and quite significant trait of this species is its ability to withstand and even thrive in temperatures that are lower than the temperatures other pepper plants can handle. Although it takes a longer than normal time to mature, the plants grow huge, and in addition they are tough, resistant to diseases, infections and pests, and can tolerate cold more than other varieties. Visually they are one of the most stunning of chillies, resembling, even in size, red or yellow apples. Be prepared to let the plants grow to their full size, which can be 2m across and 1.5m high. In regions with mild winters, grown in the ground, they will live for many years, finally forming large shrubby bushes or small trees! The hairy leaves and stems are a deterrent to slugs and snails so it is resistant to pests, and it is completely unique in that it will not hybridise with other peppers. It is native to Bolivia and Peru and dates back to pre-Incan times. ... Learn More



    These distinctive grey-green squash from Australia are easy to grow sending out long vines on which 3-4 squashes grow. The skin is hard and difficult to cut but helps give the harvested fruit a long shelf-life. The orange flesh is sweet and suits baking. (AKA Shamrock or Triangle). ... Learn More



    A large and bushy vigorous variety of parsley with closely curled dark green leaves. It is fast growing and holds for a long time when mature, making harvesting easy. Excellent taste. ... Learn More



    A classic, easy-to-grow, late season heirloom, setting lots of uniform, smoth-skinned fruits, which are pretty, 3 inch globes, ripening from deep pink to golden-red in clusters of 3 or 4 and with fair resistance to cracking and also good blight resistance. Fruit are of excellent flavour, and ripen evenly, producing very good yields of old fashioned tasting tomatoes right up until frost. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  8. TUFFY

    An attractive, high yield Acorn squash, producing on average 5 fruits per plant, Tuffy is unique in the way that the golden yellow skin has dramatic ribbing creating an unusual decorative appearance. It is perfect for baking as the tough rind ensures the shape remains whilst the flesh is deliciously sweet. ... Learn More



    A British bush variety specially bred for use in containers and baskets which is even more compact than the traditional Tumbling Tom varieties, making it especially suitable for gardeners where space is at a premium. For a small plant it produces a surprisingly good yield of golden cherry-sized tomatoes. (Bush) ... Learn More



    Bred to cascade over hanging baskets although remaining quite compact, this plant produces sweet and tangy fruits of medium strength with firm flesh, and is the perfect tomato plant for novice growers or people short on space.(Bush) ... Learn More



    An exciting plant with rich, golden, apricot-coloured fruit growing on compact pendulous trusses. It is best grown in a hanging basket or tall container when its cascading fruit can be ornamental as well as being sweet and tasty to eat. (Bush) ... Learn More



    A distinctively shaped winter squash with a multi-coloured shell, each fruit having its own "cap" or "turban" on top. Introduced in 1869, Turk's Turban has a dry almost-nutty flavour, with fruits growing to 8-12 inches diameter and up to 5 pounds. ... Learn More



    This native annual herb of Europe and Western Asia was used as a popular vegetable in the Victorian times and is now virtually unknown as a food item in Britain and the USA, whereas it is still used in French cuisine in soups or stews. The root looks rather like a stubby dark parsnip and if stored for a few months in the cold becomes much sweeter and gives a flavour to the flesh reminiscent of chestnuts. This use of the plant was recently noted on Gardeners' Question Time as an alternative for parsnips for those gardeners wishing to try something a little different. ... Learn More



    The ten varieties in our vegetable gift pack give a range of unusual vegetables which make the perfect gift for a gardening friend or relative. The ten packets are: Detroit Red Globe (Beetroot), Tender and True (Parsnip), Tommy Toe(Tomato), Sweet Chocolate (Pepper), Giant Winter(Spinach), Merveille des Quatres Saisons (Lettuce), Lemon Cuke (Cucumber), Chantenay Royal (Carrot), Golden Acre (Cabbage), Queensland Blue (Squash). The actual contents of the veg pack may differ slightly from the varieties listed due to stock shortages. If we are out of stock then we will provide you with two other examples of the same vegetable as replacement. ... Learn More



    When cooked, the flesh of this Chinese vegetable, (actually a winter squash), falls away from the fruit in ribbons and strands, just like spaghetti for which it makes a perfect substitute in countless cooking roles. It contains folic acid, vitamin A and beta carotene. ... Learn More


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