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    An elegant plant making spires of white-eyed blue flowers in early and mid summer. In very good, loose soil this plant can spread, so may be best planted where it can be controlled. ... Learn More



    This delightful tiny campanula relative with deep lavender-purple bells has high value because of its unusual blooming in late summer and autumn when most others have long-gone. A hardy Korean species forming spreading rosettes of serrated dark-green leaves. ... Learn More



    A rare and exquisite climbing poppy relative from North America. In spring rapidly ascending stems carrying corydalis-like ferny leaves, and thousands of pink, dicentra-like flowers which can quickly cover a framework or shrub. Although it is biennial, it is easy to grow and self-seeds readily! ... Learn More



    This mid-sized, slender, aromatic, gum-bearing tree has branches clad in leaves with three leaflets and greenish white, sweetly scented flowers, that finally transform into the amazing smooth-shelled "bael fruit" that can be eaten either fresh or dried and tastes of marmalade, although it actually smells of roses! Sacred by Hindus, it is known to produce one of the most commonly used fruits in Ayurvedic treatments as well as other traditional systems of medicine. In the traditional Newari culture of Nepal, this tree is part of a girls fertility ritual known as the Bel baha. Girls are "married" to the bael fruit, and as long as the fruit is kept safe and never cracks, the girl can never become widowed, even if her human husband dies. This was protection against the social disdain suffered by widows in that community. ... Learn More



    This rarely-seen succulent plant has numerous starry heads of bright yellow flowers which open on hairy stems above congested rosettes of pointed, hairy rosettes. This one of the prettiest and most amenable aeoniums you can grow in a pot as it does not expand on long woody stems like so many of the others in this genus. In the wild it grows on rocks and cliffs in the Tirajana Valley on the Island of Gran Canaria. ... Learn More



    This low-spreading, bushy perennial with racemes of pink to lilac coloured flowers, forms compact, mounding, evergreen shrubs in rock gardens or as front edging along borders. It comes originally from the cool limestone highlands of the Mediterranean and Asia Minor where it thrives in a loose, well-drained, neutral-to-alkaline soil. In the garden, where this lovely plant will spread easily by self-seeding, it can be pruned lightly to maintain shape. Distinction: Award of Garden Merit (A.G.M.) from The Royal Horticultural Society. ... Learn More



    The flowers of Burnt candytuft, a dwarf rock plant, are variable in colour and can be white, pink or mauve. For us living in the UK larger and more common members of this family are associated with neat, edged flowerbeds in gardens and parks in the height of summer. This rare plant grows in rocky habitats in the hills and mountains, where it blooms in the spring. Burnt candytuft is found in the western and central Mediterranean from Spain to Greece and also in Sardinia, Sicily and Crete. ... Learn More



    This stately plant will radiate stunning shades of blue from your border, or will look very attractive as a container plant on the patio. ... Learn More



    Sizeable, globular, white flower heads, each flower delicately tipped with blue, open freely on stout stems above strap-shaped leaves. A seedling which appeared here some years ago, this new and seemingly completely hardy variety forms heavy established clumps which improve over the years and amaze all who visit our gardens here. ... Learn More



    Huge true blue globular heads flower freely on stout stems above robust clumps of strap-shaped leaves. This seemingly completely hardy variety forms thick established clumps which improve over the years and impress all who visit our gardens here. ... Learn More



    Above neat tufts of narrow leaves stand rounded heads of rich-blue, star-shaped flowers, showing dark central veins, and blue stemmed stamens. Seedlings grown from seeds collected from this diminutive "African Lily" may vary a little but will all be lovely. ... Learn More



    This relatively small subspecies, consisting of subsp. praecox, subsp. orientalis and subsp. minimus occurs in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It is one of the robust semi-evergreen varieties with globes of deep blue flowers, which open very early in the year, before other varieties, sometimes as early as May. ... Learn More



    Balls of delicate, pure white flowers arise on long stout stems in mid and late summer amidst vigorous clumps of bright green strap-like leaves. The pure white flowers occasionally have the slightest shade of blushed pink at the tips of the petals. ... Learn More


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    This splendid mixture of seeds collected from all colours and sizes of our agapanthus will produce a unique spectrum of plants which will steadily improve in size over the years. They will also look very attractive as container plants on the patio. ... Learn More



    Seedlings from the cultivar 'Summer Days', produce pale blue globular heads on stout stems above strap-shaped leaves. This lovely hardy variety forms thick established clumps which improve over the years and impress all who visit our gardens here. ... Learn More


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