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    Balls of delicate, pure white flowers arise on long stout stems in mid and late summer amidst vigorous clumps of bright green strap-like leaves. The pure white flowers occasionally have the slightest shade of blushed pink at the tips of the petals. ... Learn More



    This splendid mixture of seeds collected from all colours and sizes of our agapanthus will produce a unique spectrum of plants which will steadily improve in size over the years. They will also look very attractive as container plants on the patio. ... Learn More


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    Discovered here in 1995 and finally given the 'All America Award'. This remarkable gem bears early spring crowns of purplish, crinkled leaves which transform into sweetly aromatic golden rosettes, with tubby terminal spikes of fluffy lavender flowers. Bone hardy with frost and long-lived in a well-drained spot. ... Learn More



    Stubby spikes of white flowers are held on stout stems of fragrant leaves which are magnets for bees and butterflies. This plant is very hardy in a well-drained spot and makes a fabulous sight in a dark dry corner. ... Learn More



    An enormous monster for the back of the border. Massive, chunky square section stems carry nine inch spikes of creamy yellow-green flowers much loved by bees and butterflies. ... Learn More



    This fragrant aniseed-perfumed perennial from the Korean mountains displays 16cm swollen spikes of blue-mauve flowers throughout summer and autumn. An astoundingly under-rated plant which will reward you with endless flowers in mid-summer! ... Learn More



    This quite spectacular, long-blooming perennial opens its bouquets of fragrant, lavender pink flower spikes from midsummer through to early autumn. Flowering in as little as three months from sowing the seed and continuing for a very long period, this new variety is beautifully fragrant producing very uniform, compact plants bearing many long spikes of pretty pink-coloured flowers above aniseed-perfumed leaves. ... Learn More


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    A rare, spectacular form of Agave kerchovei producing a large rosette of pointed, sword shaped leaves with teeth along their margins and a terminal spine. The foliage is green when young and develops a brilliant red hue with maturity. Flowers appear on a tall stalk above the rosette. Happy in either a full sun or part shade position, it is a wonderful feature for rockery or landscape gardens. Can be grown in a larger pot. ... Learn More


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    This spectacular, large, cliff-dwelling Agave from central western Mexico provides a focal point for any garden. Its soft, deeply keeled, light green to pale blue, ascending leaves are curved at the base and strongly recurved towards their delicately drawn-out tip, giving the plant a bold and unique, somewhat spidery appearance. Mature plants produce a huge, unbranched spike that sports thousands of bright yellow flowers, followed by numerous bulbils that can be used for propagation. It will adapt to cultivation anywhere outside the humid tropics where no severe freezes are experienced. In addition, it is easy and fast growing, needs hardly any maintenance and adapts perfectly to being grown in containers. ... Learn More


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    Countless small fuzzy, shaving-brush flower heads open in flat clusters at the end of branching stems bearing coarse-teethed leaves. This flower is most valuable on account of its remarkably late flowering in September and October when most other flowers are long-gone. Finally the flower heads transform to black seeds with silken parachutes attached to carry them away. ... Learn More



    Narrow spikes of small but numerous, fragrant, five-petalled yellow flowers appear on long stems above basal, potentilla-like leaves. Later, the unusual spiky seed heads appear. Also known as hairy agrimony, this unusual plant is distributed primarily over the Korean Peninsula, Japan, China, Siberia, and Eastern Europe. ... Learn More



    Large purple-red flowers on tall branching stems adorn this ancient cottage garden plant which was once a welcome sight in cornfields, but is now very rare in the wild. Allow it to naturalise in your garden for a never-ending display year after year. ... Learn More



    This superb, newly discovered grass is a quite incredible foliage specimen and also a wonderful cut flower. (It is NOT the grass sold as a pot and house plant with the same name). If you need an ethereal, delicate, mist-like plant, that drifts like smoke across you garden, this is the one you have been looking for! Absolutely stunning! ... Learn More



    A native of Japan, China and Korea, the climbing, very strong stems of this vigorous, hardy climber, bear five-part leaves, and very fragrant, chocolate-purple flowers, followed by violet, sausage-shaped, edible fruit pods which can be up to 4” long, and which split open revealing sizeable black seeds embedded in a whitish pulp, which is reputed to be edible but we do not recommend this......... ... Learn More


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    This is a pretty and wide spreading tree which can be several times wider than it is high with very fine, ferny, divided foliage and fluffy, pink flowers which form in late summer and early autumn. The flowers, which have a sweet pea-like perfume, are followed by flat seed pods. Known by a wide variety of common names, such as Persian silk tree or pink siris, the species is usually called "silk tree" or "mimosa" in the United States. Its leaves slowly close during the night and during periods of rain, the leaflets bowing downward as if the tree were sleeping: its modern Persian name shabkhosb apparently means "night sleeper" (from shab "night" and -khosb "sleeper"). In Japan its common names are nemunoki, nemurinoki and nenenoki which all mean "sleeping tree". ... Learn More


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