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    An amazing plant on all accounts, this spectacular, fast-growing shrub with masses of bright red, trumpet-shaped flowers and soft leaves is closely related to Brugmansias. Over many months throughout the growing year it provides a blistering colour display, the 2 inch (5cm.) trumpet-like flowers hanging in heavy clusters turning this beauty a fiery red. Much sought after, it is native to high cloud forests along the Andes from Colombia to Argentina between 800 and 3500 m. In cultivation this floriferous plant in the "Angel'sTrumpet" family prefers a warm or cool temperate climate, but it is adaptable and will grow anywhere where it has good drainage and adequate protection, and even makes a superb standard plant in a large pot! ... Learn More


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    Morning Glory flowers, aptly named, because they are at their best in the early mornings, each last for just one day - but is replaced the following day by others. So, there is a continual supply of the startling blue flowers on the plant in the growing season. Stems covered with brown hairs bear heart-shaped leaves. It relishes a sunny position, but is quite happy to be planted in dappled shade, as long as there is room for the plant to climb up to the sunlight. But, for top to bottom flowers, a full sun situation is best! It is a perfect ornamental cover for fences, decks, trellises or other structures around the home. ... Learn More


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    A vigorous twining climber (to 2m or 6ft) producing masses of spectacular, striped blue and pink blooms with intricate markings, all as if painted individually. These gorgeous flowers bloom all summer long, transforming your garden with all the dazzling colours of the Venice Carnival. ... Learn More


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    A vigorous climber that thrives in the summer heat, 'Grandpa Ott's' is an old heirloom morning glory from Iowa that self-seeds reliably each year. From summer to autumn, the vines produce small, deep purple-blue blooms, each with a red star in its throat, providing a lovely foil for the heart-shaped leaves. The foliage is a beautiful, dense rich green, ... Learn More


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    Fiery , star-shaped scarlet flowers open amongst most attractive foliage which is divided into fine slender threads giving a ferny appearance. Vigorous and fast-growing, it flowers all summer long, right into autumn, and is a perfect food plant for butterflies and other pollinating insects. Give it room to grow and watch it head for the sky! ... Learn More


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    Huge, sumptuous flowers with wide, heavily marked petals open over an extended period from early to late summer. Some years ago we were given a few precious seeds from a skilled breeder of these desirable plants and these gems were the result. Their extreme breeding means that very few fertile seeds are ever set. With very few exceptions, they are reluctant to set pods. Around 70% of diploid crosses end up producing seeds, but only 20% of tetraploid crosses do so a good year. In addition tetraploid pods typically contain fewer seeds. Finally, these seeds usually germinate more slowly than diploids and other irises, BUT they make fabulous, showy flowers, and are well worth the wait!! ... Learn More


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    Mid purple flowers with darker purple veins on the standards and on the falls, and which have a light yellow zone, open on long stems in spring, which form a larger clump each year. From western China, this is a close relative of Iris chrysographes, but differs from the latter in its flowers which are a paler bluish to violet. ... Learn More


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    Stunning flowers on upright, erect stems, in shades of cream, yellow, maroon and purple, often with intricate patterns and markings, and long narrow leaves. Ideal for the garden border and due to the wide colour variations, this makes a great addition to a cut flower garden. ... Learn More


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    The flowers are certainly not oil-coloured, but its name alludes to the Greek, chrysographes or 'gold writing'. Tall strong stems hold sprays of darkest blue to almost black velvety flowers which are delicately marked with golden lines. ... Learn More


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    This gorgeous black flowered clone is one of the very darkest irises grown, although the flower colour is in fact a very deep violet that appears black, the falls having an exquisitely delicate golden tracery of veins near the centre. This solid clump-forming, rhizomatous perennial has upright, strap-like, grey-green leaves, and is truly one of the nearest flower colours to black it is possible to grow although seedlings may vary. ... Learn More


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    Violet, blue or purple flowers open with a large violet-veined and speckled yellow or white patch on the falls, deeply coloured blue standards opening above slender foliage. Making superb strong clumps this is one of easiest-to-grow irises. It comes from West Bengal, near the border with Nepal in the Himalaya region. ... Learn More


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    This AGM Winner is a vigorous clump-forming, rhizomatous plant, having narrow leaves and branched stems bearing very dark, purplish-blue flowers, each fall having a large white patch and yellow haft. It is closely allied to I. sibirica, its range including Central and Southern Europe to Eastern Siberia and Japan. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    We are fortunate to have obtained these valuable rare seeds from one of the world's top iris breeders, Davor Cetina from Croatia. He has selected seeds from all of the cultivars shown here, possibly the most valuable selection ever offered to the general public. These include seeds from the following magnificent cultivars: Activity, Aiogata, Aquamarin, Darling, Emotion, Fortune, Fuyijama,Gipsy, Kogesho, Laughing Lion, Loyalty, Moonlight waves, Oase, Oriental eyes, Port Arthur, Rose queen, Summer moon, White ladies. These exquisite, bone hardy beauties deserve a place in every garden, and will improve over the years in either dry or wet soil or even standing in water ... Learn More


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    These seeds have been collected from some of our most requested cultivars and truly spectacular plants, including 'Higo' and 'Blue-Peter', with some flowers being up to 15 centimetres across or more, with all colours from white through pastel pinks to deepest blue and red-purple. These seeds could be the best bet for a new prize-winner. ... Learn More


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    The unusual "Welsh Gladwyn," is usually grown not for its quite pretty pale mauve flowers, but for the bright orange seeds which burst forth from the seed-pods in autumn, but do not fall until spring (as demonstrated in the picture). The botanical name refers to the fact that the crushed leaves smell like roast beef!!! Whole stems can then be cut to make an impressive floral display which lasts until the following year. Once you have a clump be sure to share the ripe seeds around you borders where they will slowly naturalise into trouble-free clumps! ... Learn More


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