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    A generous packet of all our irises, including some collected in quantities too small to list, some very rare, in all sizes and colours. More than twenty varieties, but a few examples are: Iris chrysographes, ensata, forrestii, innominata, kaempferi, missouriensis, shrevei and many more. ... Learn More



    Lilac purple flowers open in steady succession above clumps of slender, elongated leaves. Strong and wind resistant, they make perfect cut flowers, and when cut in bud stage, the florets open in perfect sequence, and indeed in some countries florists are starting to use them in flowerarrangements. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Strong long stems, hold multiple heads of large cream and lemon flowers. This selection is the tallest iris we grow at Plant World reaching up to 5 feet in height or even higher in damp soil. A rare and totally magnificent, tall and imposing iris well suited for back of the border or pond edge where it will make a long-flowering statement for much of the summer. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)


    A 15" tall species of the crested iris group featuring large, 6" across, beardless, bright lilac-purple flowers with falls which are crested white. Foliage is arranged in fans of narrow, lance-shaped, ribbed, glossy, upright leaves that can become somewhat floppy. Can spread rapidly in the garden. Commonly called roof iris because it has in the past been grown on thatched roofs in both Japan and China. ... Learn More



    This rare white form of the normally blue variety has large yellow-throated, crested flowers which open at the end of arching stems of pale green, and which will form large clumps in a short time. It is a wonderful iris for any dry area with some shade. ... Learn More


    (5 seeds)


    Olive green flowers have yellow tones at their throats, the recurving tepals being stained velvety maroon, almost black. The lance-shaped, glaucous green leaves appear first, the flowers growing on stems slightly shorter than the foliage. The blooms have a delicate fragrance that will increase in sunshine, or even a warm room making it in irresistible cut flower. A native of the Mediterranean region, It is grown from tuberous bulbs planted in the autumn, growing best in full sun to partial shade, and requiring well-drained, warm soil. In can naturalise in grassy areas and grows well in rock gardens or containers. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Delicately-pencilled, sweetly-perfumed soft blue flowers have flared and frilled yellow beards. And ticking all of the boxes, the foliage also has bright green leaves striped with yellow. A strong-growing, herbaceous clump-former, this versatile plant is ideal for partially shady locations, borders, open woodland gardens, or even shade gardens. In short, it is perfect for adding height and structure to anywhere where it can really show off. ... Learn More


    (4 seeds)


    This very robust iris makes a dramatic display of boldly veined, sword-like leaves, with large, violet-blue flowers accented by whitish markings at the base of the sepals. Unusually, the petals and sepals spread out flat making an attractive change from most others. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)


    This plant is one of the two yellow-flowered members of the Iris sibirica section, these plants have deeper yellow flowers than Iris forrestii, but with similar very narrow petals, and darking markings on the falls. They are robust, easy-to-grow plants and spectacular in flower ... Learn More


    (8 seeds)


    Similar in form to Iris magnifica, this choice plant has superb, large flowers of deep violet-blue to cobalt, with a spotted and striped white or violet crest. Lush broad leaves with generally 2 or 3 compact flowers per stem produce a striking specimen, and although very rare it is easy to produces a healthy plant in cultivation. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    This famous plant makes a dividing clump of shiny leaves, above which arise masses of small yellow flowers which in turn produce sprays of unusual elongated seeds. This is the plant made famous as the source of the most important blue natural dye, used by the Celts, the ancient people of the British Isles (& Braveheart!). The leaves must be dried and then steeped and fermented in water to produce a deep blue dye that is useful for ruining your clothes, or maybe painting your face blue to frighten visitors............ ... Learn More



    This is the rarest, and the finest and most impressive of all of the Canary Island shrubby foxgloves. In the wild in Tenerife it makes fabulous stands of tall stems clad with shiny, dark green, serrated leaves and topped with dense, congested spires of large, brownish-orange, trumpet-like flowers in tall and dense racemes. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)


    Extremely rare and exceedingly beautiful, this gorgeous, and almost unknown plant, can grow up to more than a meter tall. It has been described as "almost Dierama-like”"in habit, but, coming from a winter rainfall area of South Africa, it can perform better in wet conditions than many Dieramas do. A vigorous grower, it is summer deciduous, and during this period plants do not require water. ... Learn More


    (6 seeds)


    Pretty, wispy and airy-looking, delicate purple flowers arise on thin stems in spring. These flowers readily multiply up making compact clumps. They are native to Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, and Turkmenistan, where in the wild, flower colour ranges from light blue to dark violet. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)


    Sweetly fragrant, lavender-blue flowers with a curved trumpet shape and a white inner throat that shows only slightly at the base of the upper petals, are formed in abundance in terminal panicles in the late spring and summer. This sub-tropical tree, native to South America, has been widely planted elsewhere because of its beautiful and long-lasting flowers. ... Learn More


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