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    The intense brick-red colour of this robust variety makes a real statement when planted in drifts, or dotted among other perennials to bring height and structure to summer borders and cottage garden planting schemes. The tall spires of tightly packed flowers rise above beautiful green clumps of palmate foliage. The flowers open from the bottom up making for a longer blooming period. ... Learn More


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    There is little to rival a mass planting of lupins glowing with colour in May and June. The tightly packed spikes of pink and white pea-shaped flowers are produced above a shapely mound of deeply fingered, mid-green leaves. These are excellent plants for any garden. Amongst the showiest of hardy, herbaceous perennials, they provide the border with strong shape and colour just when spring flowers are fading. Reliable and easy to grow. ... Learn More


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    'The Governor' features stunning ultramarine blue blooms each with a white flag. Tall spires of tightly packed flowers rise above beautiful green clumps of palmate foliage in May and June. The flowers open from the bottom up making for a longer blooming period. Lupins are very hardy plants, surviving extreme temperatures to at least -25°C (-13°F). Extremely attractive to bees and other pollinating insects, they create a strong impression in borders, ideal for adding colour, height and structure. ... Learn More


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    An excellent dwarf variety, Durango Flame features bold, brick red anemone type flowers with orange edges from late spring to late summer. The flowers are excellent for cutting and the fragrant, ferny leaves remain dark green in colour throughout the season. Suitable for bedding and containers. ... Learn More


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    'Honeycomb' is a dwarf French marigold, with fully double, crested flowers up to 5cm across. The light mahogany-red petals are edged with deep yellow. Deadhead spent blooms to prolong flowering. ... Learn More


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    With early flowering and anemone type flowers up to 5cm across, Safari Red makes a superb show in containers and garden displays. The compact plants with their deep rich, russet red blooms make a bold statement as the flattened large lower petals work their way up to ruffled centres. ... Learn More


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    This quick growing, dwarf French Marigold produces masses of bi-coloured flowers of a deep red and gold colour. Resembling the frills of a Flamenco dress, this is a very attractive variety that will look particularly stunning when grown in large groups in beds and borders. Bright and exotic, they will make a statement in your garden all summer long. ... Learn More


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    An easy to grow dwarf annual bedding flower which produces bright, colourful, daisy-like blooms throughout the summer. 'Harlequin' can tolerate dry conditions and sandy soil and its free flowering habit makes it an ideal plant for ground cover or to brighten up rock gardens, walls and paths. ... Learn More


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    These colourful, cheerful plants have the common name “Four O’Clock Plants” because the flowers open in late afternoon, and indeed they remain open until the following morning, and on cloudy days, they may not close at all! Curiously, flowers of different colours can sometimes be found simultaneously on the same plant. They are grown as annuals in colder countries but will in fact make perennials in warmer climes. ... Learn More


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    This fast growing annual or biennial is very attractive to bees and butterflies. It is a clump forming plant putting out several thin stems from the centre, each adorned with multiple powder-puff flowers in shades of white, pink and purple arranged in whorls along its length. Resembling oregano in appearance, it is a stalwart of the herb garden but is equally at home dotted through the herbaceous border. When crushed, the leaves release a lemon-like scent. ... Learn More


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    Flowering freely the first year from seed, and indeed best grown as an annual, 'Lambada' bears long spires of white-spotted, deep pink flowers arranged generously in whorls. Pretty in a mixed bouquet of cut flowers and in wildflower gardens, it can also be used as a dried flower. ... Learn More


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    Abundant, true blue petals open in a disc, with a tiny yellow "ring" at the centre, blooming constantly from late spring into summer. It self-sows anywhere it is happy, giving the appearance of a cloud of blue surrounding spring bulbs to a magnificent effect. The Alpine Forget-me-not is the county flower of Westmorland in the UK, and also the state flower of Alaska where it grows well in open, rocky places high in the mountains, flowering in midsummer. Just a few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    An eye-catching trailing Nasturtium, this one is superb for hanging baskets where it will create vigorous cascades of fiery blooms above unusual variegated foliage. It is perfect in baskets, window boxes and containers, and will create a firestorm on your patio all summer long! The edible flowers are also perfect added to salads for a peppery kick. ... Learn More


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    Dwarf compact plants bear brilliantly coloured flowers in a wide colour range including bi-colours. These are amongst the very easiest plants, for beds, borders and containers. But they really excel when planted on a dry sunny bank or rockery. ... Learn More


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    Exceedingly pretty white flowers with blue veined petals and a deep violet-blue spot at each petal tip. Very easy to grow and ideal for borders, edging or rock gardens. ... Learn More


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