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    From narrow-leaved rosettes arise long slender stems carrying fountains of pure white flowers. A charming annual member of the primula family which will actually self-seed when happy. ... Learn More



    Blooming from June until frost, this beautiful mix of delightful dwarf plants produces an abundance of sweetly scented blossoms in a wide variety of colours including reds, pinks, whites, and a host of others. This special diminutive variety is very early to flower and makes an ideal addition to any border. They are suitable for flower beds, garden pots, containers and flower boxes, as well as for the border and rock garden, and when used as small colourful islands can form a delightful looking mat of flowers. ... Learn More


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    We have crossed a tall, hardy, wild, perennial antirrhinum with a modern cultivar to produce these long-lived, spectacular new plants. Making tall, dividing, densely-shrubby branches, they have survived for several years here, some of them growing strong trunks. The flower colours vary from palest pink to reddish-purple, and are produced over an extremely long period from early summer into late autumn. They can also self seed producing even more interesting variations! ... Learn More


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    An easy to grow Snapdragon for beds and borders, performing well in full sun or semi-shade. With distinctive contrasting bi-colour, purple-red and white flowers (a colour way that is often referred to as a 'silver bi-colour'), the flower spikes are softly fragrant, long-lasting and make a great cut flower option. ... Learn More


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    Upright racemes of double flowers open in colour-balanced shades of pink, yellow, red, orange and white, from midsummer until the first frosts. The unique double petals prevent insect pollination, making these superb flowers, which are gorgeous for cutting, last much longer than single-flowered varieties. All American Selection medal. ... Learn More


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    This wonderful antirrhinum of the highest quality produces stately plants with rich green foliage and spikes of large, purest white, perfumed snap dragon flowers. Unlike most other snapdragons these have a rare, gorgeous fragrance and are superb for contrast in the border or as an excellent cut flower. ... Learn More



    Sizeable, deepest pink "snapdragon" flowers open over a prolonged period in spring and summer on this scarce plant. It is strictly speaking a perennial, when it will ultimately make a thick-stemmed shrub clad in thin pointed leaves, but does very well grown as an annual. It grows in wild rocky places from the Rif Mountains of Morocco to Malta, where it can sometimes be seen as a dazzling patch on mountain roadsides and clifftops, but is very rarely seen in cultivation. ... Learn More



    In the first year, large, floppy dark green leaves make a strong rosette. The following spring, strong stems arise bearing clusters of attractive purple "thistle" flowers, which open from mid Summer to Autumn. They then produce branches decorated with cherry-sized hooked burrs, or seed capsules, which are often used by children to throw onto woolly jumpers causing much distress to their parents! This plant was supposedly the source of the idea for developing Velcro! The roots are black on the outside, and usually like a very long carrot, and can be roasted like parsnip, sliced finely and stir fried or made into a puree.The black skin needs to be peeled off first revealing the thin vegetable that can be treated like asparagus or used raw in salads. Burdock is a traditional medicinal herb used by herbalists for many ailments. The root, leaf, and seed are used for skin problems, stomach problems, joint swelling, and other conditions, Burdock root oil extract, also called burr oil, is used in Europe as a scalp treatment. If you are camping, the leaves can be used to wrap and protect food when cooking in a ground or clay oven or in campfires. In America, burdock leaves have been simmered in milk to counteract venom from rattlesnake bites, but we definitely do not recommend trying this! Nonetheless, it is freely available as a natural remedy in many health food stores and pharmacies, and is often used to treat migraines and hay fever and has a number of other potential uses. And finally of course, who has never heard of dandelion and burdock cordial! ... Learn More


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    Bold daisy-like flowers in a bright colour range, are held on tall stems over cut grey-green foliage. In dull weather and late in the day, they will close, but open again with the reappearance of the sun. Actually a tender perennial in its native south Africa, Arctotis is grown most commonly as an annual in cooler climates. ... Learn More


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    Leafy stems grow most attractively variegated, prickly lobed leaves. The large, showy flowers can vary from pale peach to yellow, and have a dark red 3 to 6 lobed stigma. Coming from Mexico, this lovely annual flower can survive, and indeed thrive, in the hottest conditions. ... Learn More


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    This Chilean plant is quite new to cultivation and is a most imposing annual plant. It very easy to grow, and spectacular to watch with its big yellow flowers and thorny, silvery leaves, buds and fruits. Once established, it will resow automatically each year only growing in spots it chooses and where it is happy, but never being a nuisance! ... Learn More


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    This graceful Aster produces gorgeous, very large, double blooms in shades of pink, purple, mauve, and white. The branching habit and long-stemmed, loose, feathery flower heads makes them perfect for using as border plants and make a showy display when cut for use in the home. ... Learn More


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    This variety produces showy, large flowers with crested centres in a range of colours. The flowers grow on tall stems, reaching around 70cm, and are perfect in a sunny border and also ideal for cutting for display in the home. ... Learn More


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    A striking new double form with a compact, lax habit, and an exceptionally long flowering period. The golden, daisy-like, double blooms smother the ferny foliage from early summer onwards. Brighten up your hanging baskets and containers, or let their trailing stems spread through gravel gardens and the front of borders. Likes a sunny position. ... Learn More


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    This is one of the most profuse and long-flowering annuals, each plant producing clouds of blue to purple flowers from July until late autumn. Flowering so heavily that the feathery foliage is often obscured, its tidy, mounding growth habit is useful in borders or as an edging. Also a good choice for filling in around tall, leggy plants and carpeting bare spots. Especially effective draping over retaining walls, in pots and hanging baskets. ... Learn More


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