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    This attractive and ever popular selection of Arabis alpina, the "alpine rock cress", produces masses of sizeable, snow white flowers above a compact grey carpet of leaves from February to May when little else dares show. ... Learn More



    Pure white funnel-shaped flowers open on branching stems above a carpet of fleshy leaves in earliest spring. An easy-to-grow plant ideal for a rockery in sun or shade. ... Learn More



    Normally having white flowers, this rarely seen form has crowded bright pink flowers which open in early spring on short stems above cushions of grey-green leaves which have forked hairs on them. (this is an important diagnostic for members of Brassicaceae). In the wild it lives on the mountains in France, the Iberian Peninsula, the Apennine Peninsula, the Balkan Peninsula and Switzerland and is also naturalized in Belgium and Luxembourg. ... Learn More



    This very rare, tough, tufted endemic lives only on a few dry hills, high above the rushing Umpqua River on the Pacific coast of Oregon. Cruciform flowers of bright purple open on compact, rounded shrubby domes which cling tenaciously to the rocky outcrops. In 2001, to reduce chances of extinction, researchers grew hundreds of plants in the Berry Botanic Garden greenhouse using seeds collected from the wild. During the autumn rains, researchers battled the slippery slopes and clung to the steep cliffs to place plants and directly sow seeds into appropriate habitat near existing Koehler's rockc ... Learn More



    Short white sprays of flowers open in very early spring over a spreading mat of small, thick, slightly rough, rubbery leaves. This tiny plant comes from the European Alps, where it grows amongst rocks and moraines. ... Learn More



    This gem is similar to but smaller than Arabis cyprium and has much smaller seeds. We discovered it high in the alpine ski-zone of the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus where it is the earliest by far of all arabis varieties to flower. It comes out with the snowdrops here numerous sprays of delicate pink flowers being produced from January onwards. It is excellent in a pot too! ... Learn More



    Enormous, up to one metre long, elegant terminal sprays of starry, white flowers, like litle exploding fireworks, ripen to huge clusters of globose, purple-black fruits by late summer, after which the foliage take on bronze to purple tints. This statuesque clump-forming perennial with large, bright green, tri-pinnate leaves,is capable of strong growth in rich conditions, where it can form upright stems to 3m tall. ... Learn More


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    This tall, bushy plant, a member of the ginseng family from the United States and Canada, has large compound leaves, the leaflets being large and round with long, pointed tips. The white to pale green flowers open from June to August at the joints of the stems before the dark purple berries ripen in large clusters. The large roots are an ingredient of root beer, giving it a liquorice flavour. ... Learn More


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    In the first year, large, floppy dark green leaves make a strong rosette. The following spring, strong stems bear clusters of large, attractive purple "thistle" flowers, which open from mid summer to autumn. They then produce branches decorated with cherry-sized hooked burrs, or seed capsules, which are often used by children to throw onto woolly jumpers causing much distress to their parents! The roots are black on the outside, and usually resemble a very long carrot which can be roasted like parsnip, sliced finely and stir fried or made into a puree. The black skin needs to be peeled off fi ... Learn More


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    A fantastic iris relative from southern africa that produces spires of deep violet blue flowers, above clumps of sword shaped leaves. prefering full sun and a free draining position this plant will quickly produce a large architectural display in a border or large container. ... Learn More


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    The mountains of South Africa are home to this unusual, bright showy plant which looks like a cross between a giant sisyrinchium and an iris. Sprays of the deepest cobalt blue stars arise from compact iris-like leaves. Long-lived in a well-drained sheltered spot. ... Learn More



    This dwarf alpine form makes a very dense bun or cushion of needle-like leaves with soft pink balls of flowers, which are held just over the foliage. It thrives in a gravel scree garden, or alpine trough where it can be best admired. RHS AGM winner ... Learn More


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    Armeria Maritima 'Morning Star White,' a stunning perennial plant that brings timeless elegance to your garden. With its compact size and pure white blooms, this variety of Sea Thrift is a versatile addition to any landscape. Sea Thrift boasts a neat, mounding habit, reaching a height of 6-8 inches with a spread of 12-18 inches. Its pure white flowers bloom in late spring to early summer, creating a visually striking display. This perennial thrives in full sun and well-drained, sandy soil, making it an excellent choice for various garden settings. Hardy in zones 4-8, the Armeria Maritima 'Mor ... Learn More


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    Armeria pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Red,' commonly known as Ballerina Red Thrift, adds a burst of vibrant color to your planting. Belonging to the Plumbaginaceae family, this particular variety of thrift is prized for its charming, globe-shaped flower clusters and compact, mounded habit. Originating from the mountainous regions of southern and central Europe. 'Ballerina Red' is named for its striking, globe-shaped flower heads, which appear in late spring to early summer. The flowers, borne on slender stems rising above the grassy foliage, are a brilliant shade of red, creating a visually arre ... Learn More


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    These elegant flowers, related to the arum lily usually produce upright flowering spathes in white, yellow, green or shades of purple, which appear on strong stems in spring. In summer and autumn, bright berries on some often provide colour until the first frost. This wide selection includes arisaemas, arums and zantedeschias. ... Learn More


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