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    Brought to the USA from The Black Forest, Germany, in the late 1800's this wonderful all-purpose variety produces smooth, blemish and crack-free fruit which, despite the name, are deep-pink in colour. The attractive appearance of these tomatoes makes them ideal for use in salads or sandwiches. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  2. FARGO

    These golden-yellow coloured fruit with a good flavour, and thick soft flesh are almost the shape and size of pigeon eggs. We ate dozens as we passed this heavily-laden plant, which seemed to produce fruit endlessly all summer here. (Bush) ... Learn More



    The Fatalie scores near record-heat on pepper heat scales and even beats most Habaneros. The golden yellow fruits, containing very few seeds, grow to 3 inches long and have a strong citrus-like flavour beneath their searing, intense heat. A wonderful choice if you want the heat of a habanero but have trouble getting them to mature in your garden or green house. The Scoville Food Institute lists the Fatalie as the world's sixth hottest pepper with Scoville units ranging from 125,000 ~ 325,000 units. They originate from the Central African Republic. Fruits 90 days. ... Learn More



    This potato-leaved semi-bush variety, of Eastern European origin (Ded Moroz) is renowned for its tolerance to the cold and is one of the earliest fruiting outdoor tomatoes, the fruit ranging in size from 2-3 oz on a plant which is surprisingly heavy cropping for such an early variety. (Semi-Bush) ... Learn More



    This variety has long, attractive, pepper-shaped fruits which produce very few seeds indeed. The soft juicy flesh has a mild flavour and is ideal for either salads, cooking or for sauces. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This culinary herb, well known for its fluffy, feathery plumes of soft green leaves, and flat heads of yellow, star like flowers followed by edible seeds, is a highly aromatic and flavourful herb with culinary and medicinal uses. Fennel features prominently in Mediterranean cuisine, where bulbs and fronds are used, both raw and cooked, in side dishes, salads, pastas and vegetable dishes. It is an extremely attractive plant that also performs well in the garden borders being a wonderful attractor of bees and butterflies. ... Learn More



    Trials show this valuable F1, which gives heavy crops of tasty, middle-sized, deep red fruits,to have impressive blight tolerance whether in the garden or under glass, along with resistance to fusarium and verticillium wilt. It should therefore survive and fruit outside, even in a wet and blight prone year, so this is the one to go for if you only grow tomatoes outside. Well-known tomato specialist Terry Marshall reported a 98% success rate with these 'wonderful jewel-like red fruits with a really good flavour'. Could this be the answer to many gardeners' prayers? (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This incredible multi-coloured variety was developed from traditional Indian corn and produces long cobs with kernels of yellow, red, black, purple, pink, even marbled! The corn grows to of a height of between 1.5m and 2.0m. The cobs are often used for decorative purposes but the kernels are completely edible if you want a change from uniform cobs. In fact this makes great pop corn. Just brush the cob with butter and put the cob in a microwaveable dish with cling film on top into the microwave. ... Learn More



    As the name implies, a very early bush variety which will do well outdoors. This very popular compact plant produces a heavy, long-season crop of small to medium bright red juicy fruits with a strong and distinctive wine-like flavour. (Bush) ... Learn More


  10. FISH

    These plants with distinctive variegated creamy white and green leaves, grow barely 2 feet tall making them ideal to grow in containers. The short, pointed pendant, spicy fruits, which mature a deep red colour, become mellower when cooked or they can be dried to make chilli powder. ... Learn More


  11. FLYAWAY F1

    These Nantes type carrots have 12 to 15cm (5 to 6 in) cylindrical roots, a blunt end, and perhaps most importantly, they are naturally succulent and sweet, with good skin and flesh colour, and are high in the antioxidant beta-carotene. A second early, main crop variety, often seen on the show bench, it crops in early summer through to autumn. The result of over 15 years breeding, this is possibly the most carrot fly resistant variety ever produced coming out top when grown in trials against over 20 other 'resistant' varieties. Its resistance lies in the low levels of chlorogenic acid within the developing roots, a chemical which the larvae of the carrot fly needs for survival. It is thus very unattractive to the fly, and even if attacked to some degree the larvae will soon die after doing relatively little damage. Tried and tested by thousands of gardeners, this variety is based on original breeding work carried out in Britain by Dr Bob Ellis and sponsored by MAFF funding. The Royal Horticultural Society has awarded it the prestigious Award of Garden Merit (AGM). ... Learn More



    An Austrian romaine lettuce, with the excellent taste and texture of a butterhead. The name means "speckled like a trout" and comes from the leaves' distinctive appearance with large splashes of deep red on green. ... Learn More



    Very attractive pale yellow 2-3oz peach-like tomatoes, which are sweet and succulent and are complemented by a fuzzy skin, grow in clusters of 4 or 5. The plants grow vigorously and have a good resistance to disease. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Often existing under different names (Sugar Lump, Sugar Cherry) this very well-known and tidy plant reliably produces 1" diameter, uniform, cherry fruits with an incredibly delicious sharp flavour.(Cordon) ... Learn More


  15. GARLIC

    Garlic a native of central Asia is a close relative of the onion, shallot, leek and chives. Dating back over 6,000 years, garlic has long been a staple food in the Mediterranean region, as well as a frequent seasoning in Asia, Africa, and Europe. It helps reduce heart disease, lowers cholesterol levels, and mildly lowers blood pressure. It was known to Ancient Egyptians, and has been used throughout its history for both culinary and medicinal purposes. (8 cloves per packet). ... Learn More


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