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  1. DUKU

    The sizeable tasty yellow fruits are usually round or oval with thick skins, and can be eaten raw or are often bottled in syrup. The seeds are small, with thick flesh, a sweet scent, and a sweet or sour skin. There are two main groups of cultivars, duku and langsat and also mixed duku-langsat varieties. Some parts of the plant can be used in making traditional medicine. The bitter seeds can be pounded, and mixed with water to make a deworming and ulcer medication. The bark is also used to treat dysentery and malaria, and powdered can also be used to treat scorpion stings. In the Philippines the dried skin is burned as a mosquito repellent and also burned as incense. ... Learn More



    One of the earliest and most reliable spring cabbages, Durham Early produces dark green medium-sized conical heads with good texture and tasty flavour. The tender leaves can be picked early for spring greens. ... Learn More



    Sweet, green-when-ripe fruits are smooth and round, ranging from three to five ounces, and barely change color upon ripening, although a pale pink blossom end blush develops on some of the fruit. The flavour of this mid-season variety is balanced, full and delicious. It originated from a cross between 'Golden Dwarf Champion', a medium fruited yellow dwarf, with 'Green Giant', made in 2006 by Patrina Nuske Small in Australia and was named after the gemstone Beryl, which exhibits colouring similar to the fruit. Now past its ninth generation, it is a quite stable open-pollinated variety although it still rarely produces the occasional off-type plant. ... Learn More



    These gorgeous medium size tomatoes are a deep orange color, with dark green shoulders on un-ripe fruits. The taste is excellent, well balanced, not too sweet and not too tart with 4-6 fruits per cluster. when the New Zealand heir to the title of 7th Earl of Edgecombe traveled to England to claim the title, he brought this tomato with him and gave the seed to the Henry Doubleday Foundation. ... Learn More



    Fruits are an unusual pink-grapefruit colour and our tasters said that they have a really unusual, different 'tomatoey' taste. More than 100 years old and still a brilliant producer of early and tasty 3-4 ounce fruits. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Earlibird is an excellent, early-maturing, super-sweet hybrid, early variety producing 3 or more high-quality cobs, typically 8" in length. Along with Swift, this is probably the best variety to grow in most UK situations. ... Learn More



    This is one of the oldest types of Heirloom summer squashes grown in America pre-Columbus times. Superb golden squashes with curved necks are excellent for boiling or stir-frying into scrambled eggs. ... Learn More



    An early strain of this superb tasting carrot. The medium-length, uniform, blunt ended, tubular roots are deep orange with a very small core. They perform well in heavy soil and are suitable for deep freezing. ... Learn More



    A unique, elongated oriental early melon with white, crisp, sweet and fragrant flesh. This tiny, delicious, gourmet melon is rarely found in markets. The yellow skin is lined with silvery furrows, and is so thin it can be peeled like an apple. ... Learn More


  10. EDEN'S GEM

    This early variety has small, cricket-ball-sized fruits of a pound or more, with a complex spicy flavour, green flesh, and a heavily netted skin. Amy Goldman, author of 'Melons for the Passionate Grower', says this variety 'may cause drooling' 65-80 days. ... Learn More


  11. EGG YOLK

    This unusually heavy-bearing variety grows quite amazing fruits which are indeed just the shape, size and colour of the yolk of an egg. They have a sweet, strong-flavoured, runny middle just bursting with rich fruity flavour. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A relatively compact semi-bush variety giving heavy trusses of large, slightly pointed red fruits attractively splashed and marbled in gold as they ripen, which have a distinctive savoury and almost meaty flavour! (Bush) ... Learn More



    This early ripening Italian variety of cantaloupe, Eldoraro produces round/oval fruit weighing a couple of pounds with netted pale lemon skin and darker green sutures. The flesh itself is rich orange and very sweet as suggested by its name whilst this variety is resistant to fusarium and powdery mildew. ... Learn More


  14. ENORMA

    An early cropping variety of runner bean giving a high yield of very long, smooth, slender beans, up to 20 inches long, of excellent shape and colour. The brilliant red flowers are an added bonus. ... Learn More



    This superb new Russian variety produces masses of very attractive and uniform bright yellow cherry-sized fruit, which are less sweet and stronger flavoured than many other cherry types, yet still remain very juicy to taste. (Cordon) ... Learn More


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