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    A colourful and tasty form of Swiss Chard with rich ruby-red leaf stalks and dark waxy green-purple leaves. The succulent mid-ribs can be cooked like asparagus and can also be harvested at the baby leaf stage for micro greens. Absolutely delicious! ... Learn More


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    This large, dark red juicy cherry has a mild, sweet, and slightly sharp flavour and the tree is self-fertile. A highly productive, and flavourful cherry, it has a tendency to set fruit in tight clusters. At the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland, British Columbia, breeders originally crossed 'Van' and 'Stella' cherries and came up with 'Lapins', a self-pollinating variety that produces large crops of delicious dark fruit that often measure almost 1 inch in width. The fruit resists splitting, and its texture is somewhat firmer than 'Bing', and it is a late-maturing cherry, with harvest time around late June and early July. The fruit from these seedlings can vary a lot. ... Learn More


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    This unusually large, darkest red juicy cherry is highly productive and flavourful, with a tendency to set fruit in tight clusters, the dark fruit often measuring an inch or 25 mm in width. Sweetheart cherries are one of the last eating cherries to ripen each year, ripening over several weeks, not all at once like most cherries, and cropping just into September. The sweet fruit are firm, with a refreshing touch of acidity, and they also resist splitting, The fruit from these seedlings may vary a lot! ... Learn More


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    One of the best varieties for producing chicons, Brussels Witloof ('white leaf' in Flemish) has a delicious, tangy, unique flavour. It produces tightly packed high-quality leaves and is one of the finest tasting winter vegetables. It can be used as baby leaf in salads over the summer months, however it really excels when it is forced and blanched over the winter months to produce flavoursome chicons (or blanched shoots). ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)


    This variety of chicory, a round red ball type chicory from Chioggia Italy, (Cicoria variegata de Chioggia) well-known for its compactness size and flavour, has very good winter hardiness. Round headed, greenish leaves turn a reddish-white and variegate as colder weather beckons and the heart formation becomes more noticeable. Leaves can be boiled to remove bitterness, whilst fresh chicory leaves add zest to a mixed salad. ... Learn More


    (500 seeds)


    This reliable radicchio forms a gorgeous, firm, round dark-red and white head, which appears like a jewel when you pull aside the tattered clump of outer leaves. With a unique and tangy taste, it adds flavour, colour, and crisp texture to salads. Palla Rossa Special Chicory Seeds can be planted for summer or autumn harvest. Simply cut the heads at the soil level and they often regrow. Matures in 85 days. (Open-pollinated seeds) ... Learn More


    (450 seeds)


    The classic tall Italian radicchio, upright with red and white striped leaves that are very crunchy, long, erect and enveloping with large white, crisp stalks. It is a very early variety that is suitable for harvesting from the end of summer and throughout the winter. Radicchio also grows well in containers, pots, or raised beds. It can be interspersed between plants in your garden, the red leaves are very showy; it grows well under leaves of other plants in partial shade and has a high resistance to cold. . ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)


    This Italian heirloom chicory is similar to lettuce but with a more distinct flavour. For use in salads or cooked, it produces deep red, heart shaped, white veined leaves wrapped tightly around one another to form a solid, round head. These tender and crunchy leaves have a slightly bitter, sharp flavour which mellows when grilled or treated with a hot oil dressing. ... Learn More


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    A wonderfully decorative chicory with green leaves blotched red and forming an inner loose head of red and white in autumn. An ancient variety developed in the 18th century in the Castelfranco region of Northern Italy. This chicory is one of the hardiest and easiest to grow from seed anytime in the year. Leave it to heart up, or eat it as a cut-and-come-again leaf in a mixed salad bowl. ... Learn More


    (650 seeds)


    The ten varieties in our vegetable gift pack give a range of unusual vegetables which make the perfect gift for a gardening friend or relative. You also save more than 25% compared to buying individually! The ten packets are: Detroit Red Globe (Beetroot), Tender and True (Parsnip), Tumbling Tom Red (Tomato), Red Marconi (Pepper), Giant Winter (Spinach), Merveille des Quatres Saisons (Lettuce), White Lisbon Winter Hardy (Spring Onion), Chantenay Royal (Carrot),Durham Early (Cabbage), Queensland Blue (Squash) The actual contents of the veg pack may differ slightly from the varieties listed above due to stock shortages. ... Learn More


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    This evergreen, bushy shrub produces small clusters of white, pink tinged flowers, followed by lemon shaped fruits which can grow up to 30cm. As the name suggest it is a member of the citrus family is known for its enormous, aromatic, thick-skinned fruit. The thick, oil-rich skin has a wide range of culinary uses, and is used in the production of candied peel and for flavouring and scents. The fruit itself holds little juice compared to other citrus fruit. Ideal for growing in pots and containers, adding architectural structure to smaller gardens and patio areas. It will tolerate low temperatures but needs protection from frost. ... Learn More


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    Growing in the tropics and sub tropics, this well-known tree produces flowers, and ultimately fruit, directly on hard wood branches or sometimes straight from the tree trunk. The attractive five-petalled pink flowers slowly enlarge to produce a sizeable fruit which is remarkably like an elongated melon. The seeds we sell are as fresh as possible and are sent on a regular basis from a professional collector in Indonesia. Pods have to be at exactly the correct stage of ripeness to contain viable seeds. The cocoa pod has a thick, rough leathery rind and is filled with sweet, mucilaginous pulp (called 'baba de cacao' in South America) enclosing up to 30 large, soft white seeds which become violet or reddish brown when they dry out. These are the seeds which ultimately, after roasting and processing, become cocoa or chocolate. However, not all of the seeds are viable, but we pick out the fertile ones and immediately exclude all air by wrapping them tightly in a plastic skin. In this state they are viable for a month or so, and we obtain a constant supply of fresh pods to ensure some of the seeds are always viable. The actual procedure to germinate them has several stages and must be followed exactly, and we enclose full detailed instructions with every order. ... Learn More


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    This most attractive, tasty, yellow fruited variety of courgette grows rapidly in great numbers, up to 20cm long, with superb flesh and thin skins. The attractive, shiny golden-yellow fruits have a wonderful nutty flavour and texture and appear regularly throughout the summer. This choice variety, Poland's first hybrid variety zucchini, is also resistant to downy mildew. ... Learn More


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    An Italian, early, fast growing, long-season, high yield courgette, with rich, shiny, dramatic midnight black fruits perfect for steaming, baking and even freezing. These delicious fruits contain beta carotene, an anti-oxidant to keep you in perfect health! ... Learn More


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    Medium-dark straight F1 courgette with green, cylindrical fruits which grow up to a length of 18-20cm (7-8 in). Has a high yield potential over a long cropping season. Courgettes can be eaten raw or cooked, sliced thinly and dressed with a little salt and olive oil for a great addition to salads, or you could try making courgette spaghetti by spiralizing (courgetti). ... Learn More


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