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    With a mild yet tangy flavour and crunchy texture, this superb leaf is perfect for salads, producing deeply serrated leaves in profusion. Very easy and fast to grow, it is ready to eat in just a couple of weeks from sowing! It is a very early productive salad for unheated greenhouses and also outdoor use in spring and autumn, making a rosette of lobed leaves with a tangy spinach flavour. ... Learn More


  2. New


    These attractive orange fruits have a refreshing citrus flavour, sometimes described as a combination of rhubarb and lime, and the bright green juice is often used as a drink. Naranjilla are quite delicate plants and need protection from strong winds and direct sunlight, in hot countries growing best in partial shade. The attractive, felted, large green leaves have a warm purply hue, but are covered in sharp prickles, the biggest ones hidden beneath the leaves. Solanum quitoense is native to South America where it is often found at quite high altitudes, but in cultivation, in cooler climes, it likes a sunny location, and to be kept warm during winter with minimum temperature of 7C/45F. ... Learn More



    This flat podded vigorous variety produces long straight pods which are renowned for their good flavour and reputation. They are resistant to Halo Blight, Anthracnose, and Bean Common Mosaic virus. They have a high production rate and the high-growing pods make them easy to pick. ... Learn More



    This Great Plains heirloom produces clusters of sizeable globes with apricot-golden skin and thick flesh with a wonderful, strong, sweet, well-balanced, tangy taste. The fruits are quite late to mature, but these tough plants adapt well to harsh conditions. In the USA, Nebraskan brides were often given seeds of this valuable food item tomato as a wedding gift! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This very resilient, easy to grow kale is resistant to heat and aphids and is high in fibre, iron and vitamins. The dark, deliciously flavoured, emerald-green loose leaves, which appear an eye-catching black at a distance, are perfect in many cooked dishes, or in salads. ... Learn More



    This handsome beefsteak is an early outdoor variety which is resistant to a variety of diseases including Blossom End Rot, and produces high yields of red medium sized fruits with excellent sweet flavour and soft meaty flesh with few seeds, which is perfect for salads. (Bush) ... Learn More



    Nosegay is our smallest pepper standing just 6 inches tall, but the Bay Leaf-like leaves and the cluster of tiny peppers produced makes it very suitable for use as an ornamental plant as well. The fruit are medium-hot to taste and often display a range of colours as they mature. ... Learn More


  8. OGEN

    An almost perfectly spherical melon with gentle grooves running from end to end. This popular variety in Israel from ancient Indian/Persian stock, where its name means "anchor". The flesh is pale green with a light orange he around the seed cavity and has a rich aromatic flavour which ensures its enduring popularity. ... Learn More



    This robust plant, with an excellent tolerance to blight, produces sizeable, firm and solid fruit over a long and productive season. The fruits contain gourmet quality flesh and are an attractive scarlet/orange colour with a tart, strong, unmistakable, 'tomatoey' flavour. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This old and most attractive and distinctive plum variety of tomato with thick, soft sweet flesh is most versatile in the kitchen. With its astonishing resemblance to a chicken's egg it is useful both for making unusual salads and for cooking. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A great tasting orange bell pepper with blocky fruit 3-4inches in size. An early cropper, this variety should produce a good harvest of peppers throughout the summer. ... Learn More



    This tough plant yields a good sized crop of evenly-sized, reddish-orange fruits that have a superlative flavour and are excellent for sauces as they are very meaty with few seeds. Sliced in salads the glowing orange slices are most attractive too. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This valuable very late variety produces high yields of bright orange uniform fruit with yellow-splashed shoulders, which are juicy with very few seeds, a low level of acidity and are perfect for slicing. (Bush) ... Learn More



    The 7cm long, finger-shaped fruits are show-stopping when they turn from green to orange and can be used for either ornamental or culinary use. These really are quite hot so take care when cooking with them unless you have an iron tummy! Heat level 3-4. ... Learn More



    This sweetly-smelling, aromatic foliage is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine and is perfect sprinkled on lamb or pork before cooking. Also known as Pot Marjoram, it makes a useful, addition to the herb garden, the flowers produced in summer and autumn being used for flavouring after they have been dried. The strong aromatic flavour is perfect for rich meat dishes, grilled fish and for flavouring oils. ... Learn More


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