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    Sometimes also known as Queen Anne's Pocket Melon, this very fragrant white-fleshed, long-established heirloom variety has gorgeous apple-sized fruits with an attractive yellow and orange-red striped skin. Perfect for eating individually! ... Learn More



    Rare and unusual, these brightly coloured, late maturing fruit discovered in a Russian market (and sometimes called 'Wonderlight') are almost identical to lemons! And indeed they have a mild, citrusy sweet flavour along with solid meaty flesh. They are superb to liven up an otherwise boring bowl of salad (Cordon) ... Learn More



    These fertile seeds have been collected from one of the best eating plums in the world, the Victoria. However, trees grown from them will almost certainly vary from the parent and will give a variety of different colours and flavours of fruits. This very popular English plum, especially good for culinary use, produces heavy crops of attractive red fruit with a sweet yellow flesh. It cooks to a distinctive pink-orange, making superb jam and is a good-flavoured filling for pies and crumbles. For eating fresh, leave the plums on the tree until they are fully ripe and soft, in mid-to-late August and even into September, when the skins will start to become a darker red rather than the more usual orange flushed colour. The name "Victoria" comes from Queen Victoria (1819–1901) the variety being first discovered in a garden in Alderton, Sussex in 1844. ... Learn More



    These lovely fruits need no description, being one of the healthiest foods you can eat, providing roughage as well as being sweet and juicy, so people in warmer countries can soon have a long-lived fruit tree in their garden! These plants also make attractive indoor container plants for growers in colder climates. ... Learn More



    Grow your own popcorn from start to finish. This very-best strain is as easy to grow as ordinary sweetcorn and will teach the kids where it comes from too. All it needs is a warm sunny patch in your garden and it will keep the kids amused all summer long! Simply harvest the cobs when ripe, strip the dry seeds and toss into a pan of hot oil. Don't forget the lid!! ... Learn More



    Whilst most "yellow" tomatoes are actually orange, this is a true yellow one that starts off yellow with green stripes that ripen to gold. The medium sized, slightly flattened beefsteaks have an unusually strong, sweet tomato flavour with hints of citrus. In American tomato trials it has been called the "best yellow ever". (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A French Heirloom winter squash with a delicate chestnut flavour. Its French name in fact derives from potiron (pumpkin) and marron (chestnut). The longer it is stored, the higher its sugar and vitamins increase. (AKA Hokkaido Squash). ... Learn More



    This very drought and disease resistant American heirloom variety produces bright scarlet, globe-shaped fruits which are distinctively flavoured and heavy-cropping. In 1943 the Burpee Seed Catalog stated, "The ideal, all-purpose tomato for growing in soil of high fertility" and in 1953, Farmer Seed & Nursery Co. in Minnesota stated, "We consider this the most valuable new introduction of the present time". A good variety even now to add to your list of desirable tomato varieties - this has certainly stood the test of time! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Appropriately named, this is one of the most productive and largest of the larger cherry tomatoes, with evenly-sized golden fruits, the size of small apricots, with a vibrant, tangy, flavour. The heavy trusses have a very high level of crack-resistance. (Cordon). ... Learn More



    Strong potato-leafed plants produce a large crop of huge, slightly flattened, crack-resistant fruits with vivid, dark pink skin and crimson flesh with an excellent flavour. One big slice can make a complete meal, and this variety always ranks very highly in American taste trials. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    The earliest beefsteak tomato to ripen, it has very soft, thin-skinned, voluptuous fruits with a luscious, gentle flavour, which are best picked quickly before they split. The large, sprawling plants ideally should be staked to keep fruits off the ground. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This rarely obtainable deep purple form of the classic tomatillo verde makes a salsa with a difference. The fruits have a little more sweetness than the standard green variety, and the anthocyanins, which give the fruit its purple colouring, are a good source of antioxidants. The fruit turn purple in patches on the plant but become more uniformly purple if the fruit is exposed to sunlight on a windowsill after harvesting. The husks turn from green to buff as the fruit matures on the plant and make a fascinating garnish. ... Learn More



    A 19th century Italian heirloom which is quick maturing and well suited for cooler climes. The medium-sized roots, with a sweet and mild flavour are very flat with a bright purple top and a white base below soil level. ... Learn More



    A good, early plum type tomato with most unusual and attractive, feathery green leaves. An extremely hardy variety from the Ukraine, the fruit has a tangy, strong taste and very juicy soft flesh, whilst its deep purple colour makes it ideal in salads. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A good-keeping, turban-shaped Australian gunmetal-grey winter squash with a fine deep golden flesh that is both sweet and fine flavoured and packed with vitamin A. The high sugar content of the flesh makes it ideal for pumpkin pie. ... Learn More


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