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    An ancient Heirloom English variety of runner bean dating back to the 17th century with attractive bi-coloured red and white flowers. Compact plants produce tender pods best picked young for fresh flavour. ... Learn More



    A 19th century French heirloom, Paris Market Baron are deliciously tender, bite-sized, round carrots, with a very smooth skin. Early maturing and uniform, even in a window box, they are ideal for growing in shallow or stony soil. ... Learn More



    This reliable and succulent F1 variety does not need insect pollination to set its crop of dark green, slightly speckled cylindrical fruit. This makes it ideal for growing in polytunnels as well as outside when the weather is so unpredictable. The first fruit set very early in the season and should be picked regularly to encourage further production. ... Learn More



    These fertile seeds were harvested from locally grown fruit trees which produce one of the very best eating and storing pears. Important, you may not grow absolutely identical pears from these seeds, as fruits produced will vary in size, sweetness and taste greatly, but you should certainly get a lovely new cultivar as new varieties are produced by growing large numbers of seedlings and choosing the best. Most seeds are hollow and very few fertile seeds are produced. These are selected good ones. ... Learn More



    Pennyroyal is a small creeping plant with clusters of lilac flowers. Its strong minty flavour made it a popular culinary herb from Classical times up to the Middle Ages although it later fell out of favour. The fresh or dried leaves of the plant were used to flavour pudding. Pennyroyal also has many uses in herbal medicine. ... Learn More


  6. PEPITO F1

    A Cantaloupe Melon variety, producing rugby ball shaped fruit, typically weighing a couple of pounds. The flesh has a deep orange colour and great flavour. The rind features an attractive combination of fine netting and bright green longitudinal bands. Mildew resistant. ... Learn More



    A lovely hard-to-find heirloom from the mountains around Crab Orchard, Tennessee, producing large, meaty 1lb tomatoes, that are beautifully striped with red and orange with a low acid and sweet and mild flavour, making them perfect for eating like fruit. This good yielding variety is both attractive and delicious. An American grower says: "This tomato has a great taste and I don't like tomatoes that much, but this is my favourite and yes I do eat this one like fruit, you can't get this taste in the stores!" (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A 17th century French heirloom originally from the garden of the Bishop of Rennes. An early variety which is well adapted to cooler climates. The fruit are smooth-skinned with slight ribbing and weigh about 2 lbs while the orange flesh has a superb sweet flavour, fine texture and delightful scent. ... Learn More



    A dual-purpose variety producing lots of nearly round green striped courgettes - great for kebabs! Can also be left to mature into small marrows, which are perfect stuffed. A neat spine-free bush habit. Perfect for containers. ... Learn More



    The reason vast areas of La Mancha are dedicated to growing this variety is its incredible sweet taste which many people think resembles a water melon. The white flesh itself is similar to a honeydew with just a hint of gold around the seed cavity. The name translates as 'Toad Skin' and the skin of this Spanish-style melon does indeed resemble this amphibian with its mottled green skin with flecks of yellow and wrinkles when ripe, but it is wonderful to eat!. ... Learn More



    One of the largest tomatoes you can find, these amazing fruits can grow to 2 lbs and average 16-24 oz! The distinctive sweet taste of the thick, solid flesh and fruity, low-acid, and smooth silky texture, makes them superb for eating fresh in salads. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    One of the most beautiful and expensive of all tomatoes, this unique, non-splitting fruit is ruffled like an accordion. The mild-tasting, soft, pink-fleshed fruit, with few seeds, are also semi-hollow so can be used for stuffing like a pepper. When sliced they make gorgeous, artistic slices resembling sliced strawberries, ideal for garnishing an unusual salad! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    These exceptionally late maturing, heart-shaped pink fruits, occasionally growing very large indeed, have a meaty texture, and a strong, sweet, old-fashioned flavour, whilst the skin is crack resistant. This variety copes well indeed with dry conditions. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  14. New


    This unusual variety produces small, oval shaped, light purple fruits with creamy white stripes. Spine free under normal growing conditions. ... Learn More



    Sometimes also known as Queen Anne's Pocket Melon, this very fragrant white-fleshed, long-established heirloom variety has gorgeous apple-sized fruits with an attractive yellow and orange-red striped skin. Perfect for eating individually! ... Learn More


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