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    This variety produces good yields of sweet bell peppers. The large blocky peppers turn from ivory white to bright orange-red when mature. ... Learn More



    This prolific-fruiting sport of the red currant (Ribes rubrum), produces heavy trusses of almost perfectly spherical fruit in summer. It differs from the red currant mainly in the strong, fruity, tangy flavour, which when completely ripe is different and quite unforgettable, and also the colour (or lack of it!), which is an amazing translucent pearl-white. Making a striking addition to fresh fruit salads, it is an easy-to-grow, long-lived bush, fruiting yearly with little care other than an occasional removal of very old stems. ... Learn More



    This quick-growing, award-winning salad onion produces crisp succulent stems with a characteristic 'bite' to them. Seed can be sown in succession for a continuous crop all spring, summer and autumn. ... Learn More



    A popular Chinese variety producing striking, clean white stalks holding fabulous, rich, dark green leaves which can be eaten raw when young in salads, or left to mature and then cooked. The compact plants are resistant to weather changes and are slow to bolt. ... Learn More



    A Patty Pan heirloom summer squash. First grown by the native Americans and depicted by European settlers as far back to 1591. A very attractive flat fruit with scalloped edges, this is still one of the best tasting and yielding varieties around today! Great fried or baked. ... Learn More



    Spice up your salads with wild rocket: its deep green, serrated foliage has a similar distinctive flavour as its standard namesake, but is more intense. Wild Rocket is perfect for 'cut and come again', growing right through the year with protection. Its peppery taste is sharper and cleaner than salad rocket. ... Learn More



    This true wild strawberry, one of the parents of all cultivated varieties, produces uncountable masses of small but very sweetly-flavoured fruits from early summer until late autumn. Making a very low, steadily-running carpet of fruit, is perpetual fruiting and gives a constant supply of fruits unlike the larger cultivated forms. For a never-before-experienced treat, collect a small bowl full, leave them for an hour or so in a warm place, then smell them. You will experience a perfume like no other! It may self-seed into places where it is happy ensuring fruit all summer long. In the wild it grows naturally throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. ... Learn More



    A very reliable and fast-maturing spring-sown broad bean, Witkiem gives heavy crops and tolerates cold weather well. It can be sown from February to May and the sturdy 3 foot high plants produce top quality, strong-flavoured white beans (usually five in a pod) which are well-suited to freezing. ... Learn More



    A superb newcomer, resembling the garden huckleberry, but with a far superior taste, and should NOT be eaten green. Quick and easy to grow in a container, garden or green house, producing thousands of small, sweet, unusual-flavoured, blackcurrant-like fruits, which can be eaten straight from the plant, but also cooked when they make a very good jam/jelly/preserve. Young plants can fruit in as little as 10 weeks. The leaves of this plant are narcotic and are sometimes smoked as a canabis legal-drug substitute and we DO NOT recommend this practice. ... Learn More


  10. WONG BOK

    Large barrel shaped heads, with crisp light green leaves grow typically up to 2.5kg. Fast growing and ready for harvest in 10 weeks, this versatile vegetable adds crunch to salads, coleslaws and flavour to stir fries, and is a useful steamed veg. ... Learn More


  11. New


    A round radish with distinctive yellow skin and white flesh. Resistant to cracking and bolting. Harvest after 35-40 days. ... Learn More


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