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    This hardy herb withstands droughts and can survive for many years with only the most basic of tending making it an excellent addition to any herb garden. The fragrant leaves, ideal for drying, are perfect for meat, fish, soups and stews. ... Learn More



    The large, flat, broad leaves have a buttery texture, and vary in colour between green through bronze shades to red, the blush deepening with colder weather. An attractive 1800's cold-tolerant, French heirloom romaine lettuce, 'Cimarron'. ... Learn More



    A sprawling bush habit plant producing vivid purple, 5 inch long, slightly curved pods with beige seed. Pods contain a natural blanching indicator causing them to change to green on boiling. ... Learn More



    This rare plant from the lower Ukraine (Czerno Tomat) gives almost identical, round, firm, exquisite, sweet-salty tasting dark maroon fruits and is probably the best and most sought-after of all 'black' tomatoes (and is NOT the same as 'Black Russian'!) (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A vigorous variety of tarragon, this plant produces branching stems of narrow pointed, aromatic emerald green leaves which have a milder flavour than other varieties making them perfect for fish, poultry, sauces and tarragon vinegar. It is hardier and easier to grow than other varieties. ... Learn More



    Produces a mid-season crop of large, almost perfectly round fruit with a distinctive, fruity flavour. A strong-growing plant with an appropriate name, bred by biodynamic farmer Ruth Zinniker of Wisconsin USA. Very heavy-cropping here. (Cordon) ... Learn More


  7. SAGE

    The leathery leaves of this hardy, long-lived, easy-to-grow shrub, once used by the Romans to help digestion and ease sore throats, are an attractive silver green, and are fragrant, aromatic and flavourful, complementing pork, poultry and fish perfectly. ... Learn More



    This quick-growing, deeply-notched leaf (also called Cultivated Rocket) is becoming a firm favourite either for salad use or cooked, when it makes a good spinach substitute. With a delicious nutty, peppery taste it is ideal for window-sill or garden growing. ... Learn More



    This newly developed, white-skinned pickling or salad cucumber has powdery mildew resistance and is similar in size to Boothby's Blonde, but has improved flavour and disease resistance. With a crisp texture and a good heirloom flavor, it was carefully bred to give the combination of disease resistance and a quality heirloom flavor. This variety is one of the first modern vegetables bred specifically for organic production. ... Learn More



    According to legend, the first seed of the San Marzano tomato came to Campania in 1770, as a gift from the Kingdom of Peru to the Kingdom of Naples, and were first grown in volcanic soil in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Compared to the Roma tomatoes Marzano tomatoes are thinner and pointier in shape, the flesh being much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste much stronger, more sweet and less acidic, many people describing the taste as bittersweet, like high-quality chocolate. San Marzano tomatoes have been designated as the only tomatoes that can be used for Vera Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza). It is also described as a cross between 3 different tomatoes being grown in the region at that time: the King Umberto, Fiaschella, and the Fiascona. Of these 3 cultivars, only the King Umberto is still grown, the other 2 having since disappeared. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A popular, good-yielding, old favourite English runner bean with striking red blossom and large pods which contain deep purple beans speckled with red or lavender when mature. ... Learn More



    This attractive hardy variety sports curly, dark-green/purple leaves streaked with red veins which intensify in colour after the first frost. The vitamin-rich leaves can be harvested young as salad leaves or harvested later as winter greens when there are few alternatives available. ... Learn More



    A famous American heirloom melon with really big netted fruits with a thick rind which are packed with cantaloupey flavour. Sown early this real beauty will give a long succession of sweet globes which you can use for fruit salads, smoothies, and breakfasts. ... Learn More



    Scorpius is a new dark and thick leaved variety of spinach with very uniform leaf size. It is suitable for succession sowing from April to the end of August to give a regular crop of spinach and is particularly tasty when harvested as baby leaves. This variety also shows a good resistance to bolting. ... Learn More



    Named for its resemblance to the Scottish Tam o'Shanter hat, most Scotch Bonnets have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 Scoville Units. This is really very, very hot, and just for comparison, most jalapeño peppers have a heat rating of 2,500 to 8,000. Fresh bonnets change from green to colours ranging from yellow to scarlet red and taste best fresh, but this thin-walled variety can also be frozen or pickled or even put in olive oil very successfully. They are used to flavour many different dishes and cuisines worldwide, and are especially useful in hot sauces and condiments. (Heat-4) ... Learn More


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