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    This rare and astonishing tomato is a precious heirloom preserved by members of the American Seed Savers Exchange. It will please everyone who grows its huge, (up to 2lbs each), sweet-tasting tomatoes, which are incredibly striking when sliced thinly, as the bright yellow fruit has red neon streaking throughout! The large fruits hold onto their flavour for months after being picked and the sweet, low-acid slices make superb sandwiches. Finally, one of the American judges said this "they are the best tasting tomatoes I grew this year, but to get the super candy-sweet flavor, let them turn mostly red on the plant!" Cordon ... Learn More



    With a great fruity tang, and it's not too hot, this rare little beauty originates from South America. It is named from its winged shape resembling the flaps on a Bishop's Crown, which are milder and fruitier than the main medium heat part of the chilli (5,000-15,000 SHU). Ripening from light green to apple red, this beautiful ornamental variety crops and ripens later than the majority of other chillies, hence its nickname ‘Christmas Bell’. ... Learn More



    A regular-leaved, Russian beefsteak variety, producing attractive, deep reddish-brown fruit with darker shoulders, weighing between 4 and 8 oz. 'Aisberg' means 'Iceberg' in Russian. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Popular and reliable with gardeners since Edwardian times, Black Beauty is an early-medium variety of aubergine. The sturdy plants grow to about 4 feet tall and produce good crops of 4" to 6" long glossy, purple-black, oval fruit. ... Learn More



    One of the favourite fruits of the temperate world, blackcurrants produce numerous clumps of sweet, juicy, black fruits, heavily laden with vitamin C and countless other good vitamins, which are unbeatable for jams and juices. These ready-stratified seeds were harvested from some of the best cultivars in the world. Habits will vary a little but all plants will produce several kilograms of fruit when established. The dried leaves are sometimes used to make tea. These valuable plants are also amazingly hardy, surviving to below minus 40 F which coincidentally is minus 40 C, with little problem. Their main competitor for vitamin C production, the lemon tree, is long dead at this temperature. Prune very old wood back occasionally and these plants will give fruit for very many years. ... Learn More


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    This early fruiting (in UK conditions) hot pepper produces 30-50 distinctive fang-like fruits. The "fangs" are about 6cm long and change colour from dark green to purple to red but can be harvested at the dark purple stage. The flavour is like a cayenne pepper and can be chopped for cooking or dehydrated and ground into chili powder. It has a score of 71,500 Schoville units so is hot but not extreme. ... Learn More



    This dark green, flat-round, kabocha type winter squash, averages 3-4 lb and has deep orange flesh which is medium dry and sweet. It is popular for its strong yet sweet, moist, fluffy texture, which bears a remarkable resemblance to chestnuts. ... Learn More



    Whilst this deep reddish-brown Russian beefsteak variety is not as dark as some other "black" tomatoes, where it really scores is on taste which is strong, rich and sweetly-sharp (!!) with a hint of smokiness. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A rare black Japanese squash. The fruit are round with a flattened top and have heavy ribbing. The black of the mature fruit turns a rich chestnut colour while in storage. The flesh is golden and has the rich taste of hazelnuts. ... Learn More



    A most attractive, rare and ornamental heavy cropping pepper with lovely purple flowers, producing delicious flavoured, ornamental black fruit which resemble mussels, and which ripen to red. (75 days from transplanting. Heat-3) ... Learn More



    Originally from the island of Krim in the Black Sea this famous black tomato produces large, deep-mahogany beefsteak fruit with green shoulders and a very distinctive flavour with juicy fruit. Perfect for salads and cooking. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    These deep pink, prolific, normally half pound beefsteaks fruits are very meaty, with an excellent sweet flavour. With care the huge pink fruits can grow to over 3 lbs, the very dense flesh being a beautiful deep rose with garnet streaks. This intriguing heirloom from the Black Mountain area in Harlan County, Kentucky, was found at an abandoned homestead in the autumn of 1993. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This Russian gem gives a good crop of even-sized, juicy fruits with deep mahogany skin and greenish-pink flesh. Our taste-testing result sheet said 'lemony flavour...very refreshing!'. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    Very rarely available, seeds of this exciting, completely hardy plant, which comes true from seed, produce vigorous, fast-growing and erect black raspberry plants. These are versatile enough to be grown almost anywhere, the fruits having a unique colour with large, darkest purple-black fruits, full of anthocyanins, which are good for your health, and also have a special distinct 'perfumed' taste. They are less tart than blackberries, which they superficially resemble, and this makes them better for eating fresh, although they also make good jams. Black raspberries are the first raspberries to ripen in the spring, - with a very concentrated period of ripeness - and can be harvested in two or three passes. It also has beautiful white-backed foliage on long, attractive, blush-white canes, and is less susceptible to cane diseases and root death than other types. ... Learn More



    This Ukrainian potato-leaved plant produces medium to large slightly flattened mahogany fruit with olive shoulders. The slices, which have a strong, sharp, distinctive flavour, display a stunning patterning and colouration inside. (Bush) ... Learn More


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