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    This attractive herb produces pretty white flowers with yellow cone-shaped centres and light green feathery foliage. The flowers give off an apple-like fragrance when crushed and this gives the herb its name - chamomile comes from the Greek for "earth-apple". It is widely used in herbal medicine, often as an aid to sleep and a remedy for digestive problems. ... Learn More


    (500 seeds)


    A short, stump-shaped carrot which gives heavy yields. The roots have a golden-orange flesh and a sweet taste which retains flavour even when large. These carrots, which rarely split are the ones to choose if your soil is heavy. ... Learn More


    (400 seeds)


    This large, dark red juicy cherry has a mild, sweet, and slightly sharp flavour and the tree is self-fertile. A highly productive, and flavourful cherry, it has a tendency to set fruit in tight clusters. At the Pacific Agri-Food Research Centre in Summerland, British Columbia, breeders originally crossed 'Van' and 'Stella' cherries and came up with 'Lapins', a self-pollinating variety that produces large crops of delicious dark fruit that often measure almost 1 inch in width. The fruit resists splitting, and its texture is somewhat firmer than 'Bing', and it is a late-maturing cherry, with harvest time around late June and early July. The fruit from these seedlings can vary a lot. ... Learn More


    (5 seeds)


    One of the very best eating cherries with deepest crimson-red, almost black, sweet 2cm fruits. This variety originates from the west of Spain in Extremadura. It is a self-sterile variety of cherry, trees grown from seedlings can vary a lot with a large variety of different forms, colours and flavours in the fruits they yield. ... Learn More


    (5 seeds)


    This unusually large, darkest red juicy cherry is highly productive and flavourful, with a tendency to set fruit in tight clusters, the dark fruit often measuring an inch or 25 mm in width. Sweetheart cherries are one of the last eating cherries to ripen each year, ripening over several weeks, not all at once like most cherries, and cropping just into September. The sweet fruit are firm, with a refreshing touch of acidity, and they also resist splitting, The fruit from these seedlings may vary a lot! ... Learn More


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    Chervil is a hardy annual herb which can be used almost all year round. Its rich savoury flavour makes it a good accompaniment to fish and meat dishes and it is also part of the classic French herb mixture "fines herbes" (along with tarragon, chives and parsley). The leaves can be used as parsley substitute when adding a garnish to dishes. It is also used in folk medicine as an aid to digestion. ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)

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    One of the best varieties for producing chicons, Brussels Witloof ('white leaf' in Flemish) has a delicious, tangy, unique flavour. It produces tightly packed high-quality leaves and is one of the finest tasting winter vegetables. It can be used as baby leaf in salads over the summer months, however it really excels when it is forced and blanched over the winter months to produce flavoursome chicons (or blanched shoots). ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)

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    The classic tall Italian radicchio, upright with red and white striped leaves that are very crunchy, long, erect and enveloping with large white, crisp stalks. It is a very early variety that is suitable for harvesting from the end of summer and throughout the winter. Radicchio also grows well in containers, pots, or raised beds. It can be interspersed between plants in your garden, the red leaves are very showy; it grows well under leaves of other plants in partial shade and has a high resistance to cold. . ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    This Italian heirloom chicory is similar to lettuce but with a more distinct flavour. For use in salads or cooked, it produces deep red, heart shaped, white veined leaves wrapped tightly around one another to form a solid, round head. These tender and crunchy leaves have a slightly bitter, sharp flavour which mellows when grilled or treated with a hot oil dressing. ... Learn More


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    A wonderfully decorative chicory with green leaves blotched red and forming an inner loose head of red and white in autumn. An ancient variety developed in the 18th century in the Castelfranco region of Northern Italy. This chicory is one of the hardiest and easiest to grow from seed anytime in the year. Leave it to heart up, or eat it as a cut-and-come-again leaf in a mixed salad bowl. ... Learn More


    (650 seeds)


    This new, softer, loose-leaf form of Chinese Cabbage has dense, narrow leaves with a deeper green outer colour, and lighter green to almost white interior leaves with wide, flat white celery-like ribs. It has a cylindrical, leafy head rather like a large romaine lettuce. The flavour of Chinese cabbages is more subtle and pleasant than our familiar European head cabbage, they are crisper and more refreshing and also less fibrous. Michihili was developed to have a stronger flavour than other cabbages. It can be sown in the spring for young salad leaves or in late summer for an autumn crop of full-sized cabbages. A dual purpose variety, the tender leaves are often used raw as a romaine lettuce would be, in salads or coleslaw. It can also be steamed whole, finely cut into slices for a salad, or cut coarsely for a stir-fry, the huge mature heads typically weighing up to 2 kg. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)


    This mild cucumber can be used young for slicing but is more commonly used as a ingredient in Chinese soup-making. The fruit starts green, then turns yellow, before appearing a leathery, orangey-brown at maturity. Excellent yield. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)


    The ball-shaped, mild and sweet roots of this Italian (1840's) heirloom are resistant to bolting and have light red skin. Cutting open reveals attractive alternating dark pink and white rings (another name is Candy Stripe Beet). ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

  14. CHIVES

    An indispensable grass-like herb with a hollow centre that produces beautiful purple flowers, chives have a tasty, gentle onion flavour that complements a huge range of foods whilst the attractive flowers can also be used in salads. It is also said to keep black spot away from roses. ... Learn More


    (750 seeds)

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    The ten varieties in our vegetable gift pack give a range of unusual vegetables which make the perfect gift for a gardening friend or relative. You also save more than 25% compared to buying individually! The ten packets are: Detroit Red Globe (Beetroot), Tender and True (Parsnip), Tumbling Tom Red (Tomato), Red Marconi (Pepper), Giant Winter (Spinach), Merveille des Quatres Saisons (Lettuce), White Lisbon Winter Hardy (Spring Onion), Chantenay Royal (Carrot),Durham Early (Cabbage), Queensland Blue (Squash) The actual contents of the veg pack may differ slightly from the varieties listed above due to stock shortages. ... Learn More


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