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    This gorgeous Ukrainian potato-leaved plant produces medium to large slightly flattened mahogany fruit with olive shoulders and slashes. The slices, which have a strong, tasty, sharp, distinctive flavour, display a stunning patterning and colouration inside. (Bush) ... Learn More



    The plants are usually grown for their tiny, heart-shaped seeds, jet-black on the outside and white inside, which grow in long, oblong pods. Mainly used for flavouring, their nutty taste is similar to, but slightly stronger than white or yellow sesame seeds. They are sometimes also used for their aesthetic appeal, or as a topping to white-coloured foods such as bread rolls. Sesame seeds and sesame seed oil are also used for food and skin care, having a rich tradition of medicinal use, and are also used in traditional Chinese medicine as a treatment for hair loss, and as a liver tonic. ... Learn More



    A sweet and mild, very hardy winter radish with snowy-white succulent flesh and a near black skin which lacks the fieriness found so often in summer varieties. It has likely been grown since at least the 16th Century. ... Learn More



    This natural and stabilized cross between Green Zebra and a black tomato is one of the stars of the new tomato range available. The quarter pound juicy round tomatoes have purple/mahogany-coloured skin with green stripes (like brush strokes), with exceptionally rich tomato flavours that contain hints of smoke and sweetness. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    These seeds, which have been stratified ready to sow, have been collected from the very best cultivars including Himalayan Giant and Loch Tay. They will produce plants giving different-sized fruits from early to late season, bearing the sweetest and most succulent black fruits from mid-summer onwards. ... Learn More



    These seeds were collected from the very best forms of wild blackberry growing in the 3 kilometers of ancient Devon hedges we have surrounding Plant World. Habits of the wild form do vary so special care was taken to select the heaviest cropping bushes which were heavily laden with sweet fruit from mid August until late September. They make the very sweetest and tastiest blackberry jam and preserves you will ever discover! ... Learn More



    If you hate being scratched whilst collecting blackberries, this is the one for you. This quite amazing variation bears smooth, shiny, thorn-free stems carrying countless bunches of sweet, juicy black berries. ... Learn More



    This very productive old East German variety ('blondie') gives huge bunches of smallish, grape-sized golden fruits, which do not split, and are borne in succession until late autumn. Our tasting panel said 'strong, tasty and not over sweet fruits'.(Cordon) ... Learn More



    This very rarely available potato-leaved plant, which is not often seen in dark-skinned varieties, gives medium to large, almost seedless fruits with soft, mild flavoured pink flesh. it has most unusual blue shoulders, lending it an aura of exclusivity! (Cordon) ... Learn More



    This drought-resistant gardeners' favourite produces a high yield of string-less full flavoured beans which retain their sweet taste and tender texture when cooked or they may be used in summer salads when used raw. If left on the plant their dried white seeds can be used as haricot beans. ... Learn More



    This old heirloom from the Appalachian Mountains gives heavy yields of half to one kilo beefsteak fruits which are roughly pink and globe shaped, with no cracks or blemishes, and could be called "Mr. and Mrs. Knobbly!!! . Another tomato ideal for sandwiches, they have excellent meaty, sweet-tart flesh. Plants grow very tall, are highly productive and have good disease resistance. (Cordon) ... Learn More



    A traditional French winter heirloom that is hardy and cold-resistant as well as being an attractive addition to the cottage garden. The flags are blue-green which turn violet after a cold spell whilst the shanks are thick/medium length. ... Learn More



    The "Blueberry" or more correctly Vaccinium corymbosum, is one of the healthiest fruits in the world. The sweet, juicy fruits, as well as being high in vitamin C are also packed with anti-oxidants, which can defeat common "waterworks" health problems. Our seeds are produced from the berries of different cultivars of heavy-fruiting plants, and the ones you grow will include early and late fruiting varieties and display a diversity of different habits. Grow plants either in pots, or in ground enriched with plenty of peat or acidic compost for best results. ... Learn More



    Boltardy can be sown earlier in the year than all others, then right through to mid summer and is slow to run to seed. Yielding perfect, globe-shaped beets of superb flavour and colour. Young leaves can be used for baby leaf production. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. ... Learn More


  15. BORAGE

    This popular herb has attractive white edged hairy leaves which are tender and juicy and can be used in salads and drinks. Delicate star-shaped blue flowers (perfect in cold drinks!) appear all summer long. An intriguing talking point whether in the herb or flower garden. Also known as "The Starflower", it is an annual herb originating in Syria, but naturalized throughout the Mediterranean region, as well as Asia Minor, Europe, North Africa, and South America. ... Learn More


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