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    Hot Pepper. F1 variety. Excellent patio variety. Open plant habit, decorative plant Fruits are spicy, they ripe from light green into deep red and have a weight of approx. 60 gr. Fruit length is approx. 15 cm. Eye catching for any balcony. Used in soups, sauces etc. ... Learn More



    An ideal container plant, popular at Oriental supermarkets, this beautiful ornamental and culinary pepper which is easy to grow and also very prolific, is well-known for its extreme spiciness. Heat 4 ... Learn More



    The rare true species of Capsicum Pubescens is quite different from all other domesticated species of peppers, and indeed is the least cultivated and least widespread of them all. Readily identified by their black seeds and hairy leaves (pubescens means hairy), all of the various forms of this species have a distinctive flavour and heat that is different from all other peppers. Some of the cultivars are even hotter than the habanero! A valuable and quite significant trait of this species is its ability to withstand and even thrive in temperatures that are lower than the temperatures other pepper plants can handle. Although it takes a longer than normal time to mature, the plants grow huge, and in addition they are tough, resistant to diseases, infections and pests, and can tolerate cold more than other varieties. Visually they are one of the most stunning of chillies, resembling, even in size, red or yellow apples. Be prepared to let the plants grow to their full size, which can be 2m across and 1.5m high. In regions with mild winters, grown in the ground, they will live for many years, finally forming large shrubby bushes or small trees! The hairy leaves and stems are a deterrent to slugs and snails so it is resistant to pests, and it is completely unique in that it will not hybridise with other peppers. It is native to Bolivia and Peru and dates back to pre-Incan times. ... Learn More



    This much sought-after, extremely hot pepper originated in Trinidad and has a Scoville rating of between 1,200,000 to 2,000,000 SHU. The fruit produced are quite small and rather lumpy shaped and mature from lime green to bright red. Once you get past the burn the peppers have a pleasant fruity flavour. ... Learn More



    This variety produces good yields of sweet bell peppers. The large blocky peppers turn from ivory white to bright orange-red when mature. ... Learn More



    This reliable and heavy yielding pepper, developed especially for northern gardens, has thick, juicy and sweet walls, turning from green to red when mature. A very heavy producer of early-ripening, meaty peppers, our trial plants at Plant World had so many fruits they had to be caned to stop them from falling over! ... Learn More


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