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    This highly productive variety of Italian origin produces eye-catching purple heads with silvery-grey leaves. Maturing later than the green type, it has a finer flavour. The firm heads have a good rounded shape and can be used when immature or full size. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    Mary Washington is one of the most popular of all heirloom asparagus varieties and is an excellent choice for the garden. The delicious spears are tender, thick, heavy and straight and are of a rich dark green colour with a purple tinge. Produces uniform spears and a heavy yield. It is fast growing, extremely hardy and rust proof, in addition the graceful, feathery green foliage remains attractive long after harvest. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    A mixture of colours of this tough alpine matt forming plant. Ideal for rockeries and well drained areas of the garden. Long lived and easy to keep. Can be sown in pots or directly to the garden. ... Learn More


    (600 seeds)

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    This graceful Aster produces gorgeous, very large, double blooms in shades of pink, purple, mauve, and white. The branching habit and long-stemmed, loose, feathery flower heads makes them perfect for using as border plants and make a showy display when cut for use in the home. ... Learn More


    (80+ seeds)

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    This variety produces showy, large flowers with crested centres in a range of colours. The flowers grow on tall stems, reaching around 70cm, and are perfect in a sunny border and also ideal for cutting for display in the home. ... Learn More


    (80+ seeds)

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    One of the best performing and pretty Astrantia's we have seen. Tall branching sprays of light to deep red-mauve flowers, each with a ruff of reddish purple bracts appear from May to the end of September. Said to deter slugs, they thrive in heavy clay and almost anywhere the soil stays reliably moist but not waterlogged, so position in a humid, sunny or shady position in a border or near shrubbery. Excellent cut flowers.. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Long Purple Aubergine is one of the most commonly grown variety. Produces good quality, dark fruits. The calyx is green and can be very prickly. If you grow peppers with success you will not have trouble with aubergines. For best production grow the aubergine seeds and plants under cover. ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    Beetroot leaves have long been put to both ornamental (in a flower border) and culinary use. Perfect for the production of both baby leaves and slightly larger salad leaves, it is amazingly tasty. Scarletta is an improved selection with a spectacular, deep red leaf colour and uniform growth. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    Sweet long cylindrical roots which are perfect for slicing, salads or pickling. With a deliciously tender texture, they have rich red, ring-less inner flesh and this variety will store well over a long period . ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    Clusters of purple-spotted-orange flowers appear from midsummer onwards into early autumn. In a sheltered position it will multiply and slowly spread, or for more controlled flowering it does well in a large container. ... Learn More


    (20+ seeds)

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    A striking new double form with a compact, lax habit, and an exceptionally long flowering period. The golden, daisy-like, double blooms smother the ferny foliage from early summer onwards. Brighten up your hanging baskets and containers, or let their trailing stems spread through gravel gardens and the front of borders. Likes a sunny position. ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    This lesser known vegetable delivers heavy yields with outstanding flavour. Strange to look at, the long black-skinned roots have a delicate and subtle taste. It matures as a very long black tapering root rather like a thin parsnip and is grown in a similar way. Keeps well in the ground all winter long (the longer they are left the larger they will grow) - and will still be good to eat right through to March. ... Learn More


    (60+ seeds)

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    This is one of the most profuse and long-flowering annuals, each plant producing clouds of blue to purple flowers from July until late autumn. Flowering so heavily that the feathery foliage is often obscured, its tidy, mounding growth habit is useful in borders or as an edging. Also a good choice for filling in around tall, leggy plants and carpeting bare spots. Especially effective draping over retaining walls, in pots and hanging baskets. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    Rudolph is an extra early purple sprouting type broccoli producing good sized, tender spears on large robust plants for harvesting from late January, or in colder parts of the UK, from February. These vigorous plants provide good yields at a time when fresh vegetables from the garden are often in short supply. Broccoli grows best in a mostly sunny location during the cooler parts of the growing season. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)

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    A large, fast growing shrub with soft branches, large and soft furry leaves, long, trumpet-shaped, golden yellow flowers. Originally native to high altitudes in the Andes between 2000 and 3000 m (6600 and 9800 ft.) from Colombia to Bolivia, it is a popular ornamental that adapts to a range of warm-temperate climates. Prefers full sun. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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