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  1. Chaenorhinum blue dream


    This charming relative of the snapdragon is a spreading perennial that produces masses of blue flowers with delicate yellow throats. It makes a lovely display all summer long and is quick growing. Try it dotted around your rockery, or as underplanting in your borders. ... Learn More


  2. Chaerophyllum azoricum 1


    Robust sprays of fragrant, creamy white flowers open above compact stems, bearing leathery, slightly hairy, little-divided leaves, an unusual feature within this group of plants. A new, rare and extremely garden-worthy plant from the windy Azores Islands, it will puzzle even the most knowledgeable plant enthusiast! ... Learn More


  3. Cleome spinosa cherry queen


    This lovely spider flower has elegant spiral blooms carrying a delicious scent and with a glorious magenta pink colour: bees and pollinators will love it. Pinch out when young to encourage multiple flowering stems. ... Learn More


  4. Convolvulus tricolor blue flash


    These stunning blue flowers with their white throats and yellow centres make an eye-catching bedding display throughout the summer months. ... Learn More


  5. Convolvulus tricolor royal ensign


    A stalwart of summer bedding, the stunning combination of blue, white and yellow guarantees an eye-catching display. ... Learn More


  6. Cosmos bipinnatus picotee


    A stylishly elegant annual addition for the back of the border where it will grow up through your perennials to give lovely splashes of colour. This particular specimen has lovely white flowers with a delicate pink edge to the petals. Place near Sambucus nigra or other red-leaved shrubs for a sophisticated display. ... Learn More


  7. Noimage


    Cousins to gladioli, these long-lived hardy plants produce clumps of green sword-shaped leaves, with tall, arching spikes of large funnel-shaped blossoms that are a rich, deep burnt scarlet-red, which unusually in this group of plants, face upwards, and appear in mid to late summer. ... Learn More


  8. Diana


    This new introduction has a distinctive, attractive purple skin with a white tip. They are resistant to cracking and bolting and are quick to harvest - taking only 35-40 days from sowing to reach maturity and can be succession sown from spring until early autumn. ... Learn More


  9. Noimage


    Pretty, bell-shaped pale mauve flowers hanging from long wiry stems from July until August, making it one of the last varieties to flower. This is one of the varieties that must not be allowed to dry out, it can in fact stand at the edge of a pond in place of an iris!! ... Learn More


  10. Echinacea pallida


    This captivating tall daisy forms elegant clumps of upright stems and with pale purple pendant petals suspended from the central golden brown cone. A statuesque plant that will easily hold its own in any herbaceous border. ... Learn More


  11. Echinops spinossisimum 2


    Certainly the spiniest and most beautifully impressive of all "Globe Thistles". Rarely encountered even on its home in the Greek Islands, this compact plant produces attractive spherical heads with bright sky-blue, protruding flowers. The foliage consists of thick, tough, divided, waxy leaves, which are very dangerously spiked all over, and this plant is best admired and not touched! Very, very few fertile seeds are ever produced, most plants giving no seeds at all, hence the low packet count! ... Learn More


  12. Willowherb


    The tall, pretty pink flower spikes of rosebay willowherb, a useful nectar source for pollinators, are a common sight on railway banks and disturbed woodland in the UK. In a wild cottage garden it is truly impressive, and is able to compete easily with other vigorous specimens, spreading by seed and rhizomes. But in the more restrained environment of a neatly manicured garden its vigour makes it likely to try to take over, so care must be taken situating this plant. ... Learn More


  13. Erigeron alpinus baby daisy


    Only recently developed from a chance seedling, this gorgeous, exceptionally dwarf, bone-hardy alpine has golden-eyed bright mauve, rather than pinkish daisy flowers. These burst open from late spring to early summer, above a slow-growing, semi-evergreen cushion, making it a perfect butterfly and bee plant, ideal for rockery, border or even a container! ... Learn More


  14. Erysimum jumbo orange


    This new gem from our ongoing breeding programme possesses a full hand of aces! The seeds, collected individually as they ripen, should produce unique, enormous, hardy perennial plants which make strong stout stems, almost trunks, in their second year. Plant them out as small plants, they will not thrive in a small pot, and it is essential they are given room to grow unhindered in an open position, when they will spread out into a solid dome of branches clad in evergreen leaves. In the following late winter to early spring, (and ours flower earlier than all other perennial erysimums we grow,) they will produce an amazing, long-lasting display of fragrant flowers. They are predominantly orange, deeper-veined in red, but you will invariably discover plants with other colour shades. One of the distant parents was 'Erysimum Bowles' Mauve', but this new strain is far more vigorous, and being seedlings they are virus-free. ... Learn More


  15. Erythrina corallodendron


    This highly ornamental small tree can be grown as a shrub, but being a sub-tropical plant it will probably perform best in a heated environment if you don't have high outdoor temperatures. Beautiful multi-petalled coral pink flowers are followed by jet black seeds, while the foliage comprises delicate green pinnate leaves. ... Learn More


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