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    A stunning variety with gorgeous large golden-yellow, pom-pom shaped flowers and contrasting dark centres. Perfect for beds and borders, it will flower throughout the summer producing eye-catching, tall plants. Also deal for filling containers and pots. ... Learn More


    (50+ seeds)

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    A dwarf, compact, branching Calendula that is ideal both for borders and containers. The plants become smothered in striking double blooms of a vibrant orange colour with contrasting dark brown centres. Low maintenance and unfussy, they're the perfect choice for virtually any sunny spot. ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    Well-branched compact plants produce masses of cheery yellow cactus like flowers throughout most of the summer. Low maintenance and relatively undemanding, this is a plant which really works hard in the garden, rewarding you with months of colour with very little fuss. Ideal for borders and containers. ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    This cheerful mix of cream, lemon and orange flowers in both single and double forms will brighten up any spare patch in your borders or veg garden, and will seed itself freely to give years of effortless pleasure. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    This exciting mix won a Fleuroselect award because of its consistent quality. It provides a stunning, low maintenance mix of single, semi-double and double blooms in a variety of bright, pastel and buff colours. Ideal for adding interest to pots and borders. ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    Calendula Winter Sun is perfect for brightening up those cold, grey winter days. Its bushy habit and vivid yellow/orange blooms are ideal for adding splashes of colour to winter hanging baskets, containers or the winter beds. Producing flowers throughout the autumn months up until early spring it enjoys both full sun and partial shade. ... Learn More


    (30+ seeds)

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    A beautiful double flowering form of Campanula medium. Each flower is surrounded by a calyx of the same colour as the petals making it appear a double bloom and from which it derives its common name of 'Cup and Saucer'. Excellent for cottage gardens, this charming, old-fashioned plant in shades of purple, blue, pink and white also makes an excellent cut flower. Needs protection from the wind. ... Learn More


    (200+ seeds)

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    Cape Gooseberries are delicious sweet fruits, ripening in late summer in abundance, from easy to grow plants. They grow in a similar manner to outdoor tomatoes, coming from the same plant family. The fruits have a paper-like covering and can be stored for several weeks. The fruits can be made into fruit-based sauces, pies, puddings, chutneys, jams, and ice cream, or eaten fresh in salads and fruit salads. Plants are naturally perennial and live for many years in Mediterranean and warmer UK gardens, but are best grown as annuals in most UK gardens. They grow well in open ground and containers. ... Learn More


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    The traditional flower used in wedding button holes, the flowers of Carnation Hardy Border Mixed may not be quite as tightly double as the annual types but they are full of fragrance, and in milder areas they can be a fully perennial variety. This variety produces a brilliant show of colour in July, with beautifully perfumed blooms and long stems perfect for cutting. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    A spectacular pink flowered creeping succulent, this is a perennial evergreen mostly used as ornamental drought tolerant and ground cover plant. It can grow in subtropical, Mediterranean, tropic, desert or temperate climates. The 6cm flowers are followed by globular, purplish-red fruit 2.5 cm long and 1.5 cm wide. ... Learn More


    (60+ seeds)

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    An immensely popular variety highly recommended as an early maincrop. It is stump rooted with a short top, a deep orange colour, smooth skin and solid, thick delicious flesh with a small core. The tapered stumps reach 8cm in length and as a shorter variety are good for container planting. They store well into winter. This variety of carrot is classed as a second early (crops mid June to late July). ... Learn More


    (350 seeds)

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    Carrot Eskimo is well named as it has excellent frost tolerance and is one of the tastiest vegetables to pick fresh from your garden in the depths of winter. You will able to harvest from November through to January, affording a nice grow your own treat for dull, winter days. A tasty stump-rooted nantes type with good tolerance to cavity spot and sclerotinia. ... Learn More


    (230 seeds)

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    A high-quality Nantes variety that is suited for all year round growing as it stays in good condition in the ground for several months and is hardy enough to over-winter in all but the coldest regions. The cylindrical roots have a blunt tip 15-17cm long and are a rich orange with no green shoulders, and an outstanding flavour. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    Mid season maturity with outstanding, healthy vigorous foliage. The uniform smooth skin and attractive appearance make this a possible contender for prizes on the showbench. The rich orange roots are well buried in the soil, preventing green shoulders and giving the roots good frost tolerance. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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    A very high yielding variety, Nominator has lovely smooth, cylindrical roots with a good flavour and which are relatively strong compared with other very early types. The foliage is relatively short and has a good resistance to bolting making them suitable for under cloches which will be needed for the earliest sowings from Jan through the spring. Spring & summer sowings are best in the open. ... Learn More


    (180 seeds)

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