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    Whorls of purple pollinator attracting flowers sit upon aromatic foliage. A perennial plant sometimes grown as an annual. AKA Bee Balm which as the name suggests attract bee's on mass. Easy to grow but we recommend a sunny position with good ventilation and airflow and moderate moisture. ... Learn More


    (450 seeds)

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    Possibly the fastest and most impressive plant you can grow from a single seed, this amazing monster was only recently discovered in the Andes of Colombia around 1800 m. The rare giant Nicandra shrub grows into an incredible plant that can reach a height of 3 m in just a few weeks, with enormous leaves and far larger flowers and fruits than the common, and far smaller Nicandra physalodes. It will provide you with a unique, stunning and extremely fast growing specimen, guaranteed to amaze all of your friends. And just like its smaller relative, it is called the "shoo-fly plant" as it is supposed to deter flies. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    Native to East Asia and China, this little known annual is edible and known as the Bluebell of Japan for its prolific spread across the country. A member of the mustard family, its violet flowers are a beautiful addition to the garden. Growing to around 60cm tall and 30cm in spread, it grows pale green basal leaves around 15cm long. The leaves are edible and can be eaten raw or cooked into dishes. Flowers are around 3cm across, and are produced in racemes of up to 25 flowers. Petals appear in a cross shape, with four petals surrounding a yellow eye. Blooms from late spring to early summer. Enjoys a well draining soil and full sun. ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    Coming from South Africa, Osteospermums will absolutely thrive in hot, dry, neglected conditions, preferring full sun with free-draining soil, yet remain some of longest-flowering plants in the garden. This variety is particularly garden worthy being early flowering and compact in outdoor conditions. The dazzling florets finally age from mauve-pink to magenta-purple and are wonderful if placed in the front of a dry sunny border, or if established over a wall and allowed to trail. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    This mixture is a selection of commonly seen patio bedding type Petunia often found in garden centres and used in summer patio containers and hanging baskets. With a generous quantity of seed growing your own may be the best, most cost effective option when planning to plant up a large display! Perennial in warmer climates. ... Learn More


    (1500 seeds)

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    Unlike the normal cowslip, each blossom of these ancient and extremely rare plants has a second blossom growing from within the normal one, producing an intriguing doubling effect. This version has been further refined at Plant World by selecting only the very choicest and delicate forms. These exquisite flowers were first produced in the 18th century, but sadly were effectively lost to cultivation. This is possibly the first offering in recent times of seeds of these exceptionally rare and beautiful flowers. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    This rare, unique, and valuable new plant bears heavy bunches of sizeable, deliciously sweet, bright red raspberries, which ripen in late summer and well into autumn, very late in the year when all other similar raspberries have long finished. But they are clad in striking, bright golden yellow leaves which are completely resistant to scorching whatever the weather, making a distinctive statement, whether in the garden or in a large pot on the patio. These unusual plants are called primocanes, meaning they fruit a year EARLIER, on stems that have grown up the SAME YEAR, not the second year as with normal raspberries! And so, the subsequent final potential is for TWO fruit crops, the first in late July, then a second bigger yield in September, October, and incredibly even into a mild November. And finally, it is completely hardy and can resist temperatures as low as -35° Celsius, making it surely the most attractive raspberry ever produced, even mixed with shrubs and flowers. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Large golden yellow flowers with burnt golden eyes flower for long periods in late summer through to autumn. Hirta is a compact and densely flowering form that will enjoy full sun and due to its habit is also suitable for larger containers. ... Learn More


    (400 seeds)

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    Good grief! By far the largest strawberry we have ever grown, this really is a monster. Only a few apple-sized fruits are produced, but their size more than makes up for their small number. Grow them in a well prepared and manured bed as you would a marrow. Very few good seeds collected. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    A dwarf sunflower variety ideal for the front of a border or a container. A traditional flower with large golden yellow petals surrounding a large brown seed forming head. ... Learn More


    (40+ seeds)

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    The ten varieties in our vegetable gift pack give a range of unusual vegetables which make the perfect gift for a gardening friend or relative. You also save more than 25% compared to buying individually! The ten packets are: Detroit Red Globe (Beetroot), Tender and True (Parsnip), Tumbling Tom Red (Tomato), Sweet Chocolate (Pepper), Giant Winter(Spinach), Merveille des Quatres Saisons (Lettuce), White Lisbon Winter Hardy (Spring Onion), Chantenay Royal (Carrot), Golden Acre (Cabbage), Queensland Blue (Squash). The actual contents of the veg pack may differ slightly from the varieties listed due to stock shortages. If we are out of stock then we will provide you with the nearest similar item we have in stock. ... Learn More


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    Slender spikes of pure ivory-white flowers with attractive purple filamentous eyes, arise from rosettes of glossy dark green leaves, later forming hard green spherical seed capsules on thin stems. This plant is an absolute must for every cottage garden when it may gently self-seed into gravel or empty corners but is rarely a problem. These seeds may produce an occasional flower with a different colour. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    A robust plant with excellent garden performance. Produces masses of double, deep red, dahlia-like flowers. This taller variety, adds colour and height to borders and floral arrangements. Flowering all summer, attracting bees and butterflies, until the first frosts. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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    A robust plant with excellent garden performance. Produces masses of double, deep orange, dahlia-like flowers. This taller variety, adds colour and height to borders and floral arrangements. Flowering all summer, attracting bees and butterflies, until the first frosts. ... Learn More


    (100+ seeds)

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