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  1. Capparis spinosa


    Too seldom seen, this scrambling, slightly spiny shrub, which can also be trained to climb, bears sizeable, attractive white flowers, some 2-3 inches across, with delicate, most attractive, pale purple stamens, which are continuously replaced in profusion, making a constant dazzling display from May onwards. And to further intrigue you, and we never knew this until now.......the unopened flower buds picked when tight and preserved in brine or vinegar are culinary capers! ... Learn More


  2. Carthamus tinctorius


    Large, bright orange or yellow thistle-like flowers stand above sharp spiny leaves, making a fine display in the summer months. This very unusual annual prefers full sun and well-drained soil, where it will surprise all who expected a blue flower!. ... Learn More


  3. Cassia grandis


    When in flower, this is one of the most handsome trees of Central America, being valued especially for its dazzling floral display, especially along the Pacific lowlands, reminding one of apple trees, by both the form of the tree and the colouring of the blossoms. Petals are red at first, but gradually become pink and then peach as they age giving an unusual effect as spring progresses. ... Learn More


  4. Cassia javanica


    Beautiful crimson and pink flowers open in compact bunches on this fast-growing, deciduous or semi-deciduous tree which flowers in spring and sheds its leaves in the winter months. Although its origin is in Southeast Asia, it has been extensively grown in tropical areas worldwide as a straight-trunked garden tree owing to its impressive appearance at all times of the year. Its flower is the provincial flower of Chainat Province, Thailand, and indeed it is one of Thailand's Nine Auspicious Trees as it is said to bring good luck, ensure continued high rank and afford victory to all who grow it! ... Learn More


  5. Centaurea cyanus jubilee gem


    This stunning dark blue variety of the " cornflower" is a happy addition to the cut flower bed, or makes a useful "fill in" for any gaps in your herbaceous border. In a dryish position it will perpetuate itself by self-seeding freely. ... Learn More


  6. Centaurea cyanus pink


    A truly charming pink variety of the "Cornflower" and a must-have for the cut flower bed, or to provide striking contrast with silver or dark green foliage in your borders. It will self-seed and colour will come true if grown apart from the blue form. ... Learn More


  7. Centrosema pubescens


    This vigorous climber is a tropical herb whose vigorous stems, in the wild, will twine into surrounding plants for support allowing its elegant purple pea-like flowers to peep out at random. It is a native of Mexico and tropcial America so will do best in moist warm conditions although established plants can withstand periods of drought. In the northern hemisphere, it would make a fine and unusual conservatory plant. ... Learn More


  8. Chaenorhinum blue dream


    This charming relative of the snapdragon is a spreading perennial that produces masses of blue flowers with delicate yellow throats. It makes a lovely display all summer long and is quick growing. Try it dotted around your rockery, or as underplanting in your borders. ... Learn More


  9. Citrus maxima


    Usually a pale green to yellow when ripe, this amazing fruit is much larger than a grapefruit, with sweet flesh and thick spongy rind. By far the largest citrus in the world, the pummelo can reach 12" in diameter. Similar in appearance to a large grapefruit, it is native to South and Southeast Asia and is a natural citrus fruit, not a hybrid, and is indeed one of the original citrus species from which the rest of cultivated citrus were produced by hybridisation. The pummelo tree itself bears most attractive white flowers and generally has a somewhat crooked trunk and low, irregular branches. Botanists amongst you may be interested in its large number of names worldwide which are appended below...... Chinese grapefruit, Assamese: ৰবাব টেঙা robab tenga • Bengali: বাতাবি লেবু batabi lebu, ছোলঙ্গ cholanga, জাম্বুরা লেবু jambura lebu • Gujarati: પપનસ papanas • Hindi: बतावीनीम्बू batawi-nimbu, चकोतरा Chakotara, पपरमास papar-mas • Kannada: ಚಕೋತ ಹಣ್ಣು cakota hannu • Konkani: तॉरंद toranda • Malayalam: കമ്പിളിനാരങ്ങ kampilinaranna • Manipuri: ꯅꯣꯕꯥꯕ নোবাব Nobab • Marathi: बंपारा bampara, चकोत्रा cakotra, पपन्नस papannasa • Mizo: kamalo • Oriya: ବାତାପି batapi • Sanskrit: करुण karuna, मल्लिकापुष्प mallikapuspa • Tamil: மெதுக்கு metukku, பம்பளிமாசு pampalimacu, பொம்மாசு pommacu • Telugu: పంపరపనస pamparapanasa • Urdu: چکوتره Chakotara ... Learn More


  10. Clematis urticifolia


    A rare, beautiful and sweetly-fragrant species that is native to China and Korea. A most unusual sub-shrubby species, it nether clings nor climbs, and produces toothed leaves and tubular, hyacinth-like, perfumed blue flowers on erect stems from late summer to mid autumn. It makes a spectacular display in sun to part shade in any well-drained garden soil that is kept moist in summer. ... Learn More


  11. Cleome spinosa cherry queen


    Elegant magenta pink spiral blooms carry a delicious scent adored by bees and butterflies, and indeed all pollinators will love it. To produce larger flower-heads, simply pinch out the tips when young to encourage multiple flowering stems. ... Learn More


  12. Colocasia fallax


    This quite unique and elegant perennial has arrow shaped leaves of soft velvet green with silver brocade centres, from which tiny, metallic mercury rivers flow down veins to leaf edges for a brilliant effect. Forming a sparkling, creeping ground cover in moist to wet soils, or even shallow water, it opens cream spathe flowers, but its leaves are the significant aspect. It also makes an excellent container specimen! ... Learn More


  13. Colvillea racemosa


    A rare, relatively small-growing tree bearing exquisite, bright orange flowers that grow in large cone or cylinder shaped clusters, the fine ferny foliage adding to the artistic appearance. Although growing predominantly in tropical and subtropical gardens it can make a superb specimen in a large pot. Also known by the common name Colville's Glory, it was named for Sir Charles Colville, an ex Governor of Mauritius. ... Learn More


  14. Convolvulus tricolor blue flash


    These constantly-flowering, stunning blue flowers with their white throats and yellow centres make an eye-catching bedding display throughout the summer months. Although this is not a climber like its relatives, if allowed to grow over a wall it can make a cascading spectacle! ... Learn More


  15. Convolvulus tricolor royal ensign


    A stalwart of summer bedding, the stunning combination of blue, white and yellow guarantees an eye-catching display. Although this is not a climber like its relatives, if allowed to grow over a wall it can make a cascading spectacle! ... Learn More


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