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    Once in flower in the summer, this compact variety, will keep producing deep orange blooms, which are flashed with yellow, right through until the end of October. Preferring full sun, it is great front of borders, and alternatively grows very well in pots and containers, some variation from seed may occur. ... Learn More


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    Once in flower in the summer, this compact variety, will keep producing bright, vivid yellow blooms, which are flashed with orange, right through until the end of October. Preferring full sun, it is great front of borders, and alternatively grows very well in pots and containers, so ideal for the smaller garden or patio. Will need protection from frost over the winter months, if grown in the ground. Some variation may occur. ... Learn More


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    A member of the ginger family, originally from the Himalayas, these plants produce tall spikes of bright yellow flowers. Blooms occur from late summer through to early autumn, extending the range of colour in your garden into the autumn months. ... Learn More


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    This spectacular, fast-growing tree, unbelievably, a member of the Mallow family, bears very tropical-looking palmate foliage, and has an extraordinary bulbous green trunk studded with astonishingly-large, triangular-shaped "thorns". It produces extremely beautiful, sizeable pink and cream lily-like flowers, which are fragrant and borne in great profusion, and are followed by large woody pods that split open to release the long white flossy hairs of the famous kapok. It is native to North-Eastern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil. Although finally becoming an open ground tree in warmer countries, it also makes a superb greenhouse or patio specimen. ... Learn More


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    This evergreen, bushy shrub produces small clusters of white, pink tinged flowers, followed by lemon shaped fruits which can grow up to 30cm. As the name suggest it is a member of the citrus family is known for its enormous, aromatic, thick-skinned fruit. The thick, oil-rich skin has a wide range of culinary uses, and is used in the production of candied peel and for flavouring and scents. The fruit itself holds little juice compared to other citrus fruit. Ideal for growing in pots and containers, adding architectural structure to smaller gardens and patio areas. It will tolerate low temperatures but needs protection from frost. ... Learn More


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    This strong climber produces a mass of delicate pink flowers, tinged with a darker pink, flowering from May through to September. Due to its compact nature, it is ideal for pots and containers in a smaller garden or brings a welcome splash of colour to any patio or balcony area. Prefers partial shade and well drained compost. Produces attractive fluffy seedheads, once flowering has finished. ... Learn More


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    An adaptable climber, which can be grown either with trellis support, through other shrubs, or will happily ramble across open ground. The urn shaped flowers vary from a light pinkish- purple, tinged with green and white. The leaves are hairless, waxy and leathery in appeararance.The flowers are followed by clusters of flattened seeds with hairy tails that give the seedhead a spider-like appearance. Best grown in full sun to part shade in well drained, moist soil. ... Learn More


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    A fascinating and very valuable multi-branched evergreen shrub, boasting showy terminal clusters of yellow flowers with long stamens, that radiate from each flower and protrude outwards. The flowers and the seed pods appear at the same time making an unusual and most attractive sight. Flowering period is from winter into late summer giving a superb period of blossom. Easy-to-grow in almost any aspect, and very undemanding, it provides sweet nectar for pollinating insects over a very long period! ... Learn More


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    Growing in the tropics and sub tropics, this well-known tree produces flowers, and ultimately fruit, directly on hard wood branches or sometimes straight from the tree trunk. The attractive five-petalled pink flowers slowly enlarge to produce a sizeable fruit which is remarkably like an elongated melon. The seeds we sell are as fresh as possible and are sent on a regular basis from a professional collector in Indonesia. Pods have to be at exactly the correct stage of ripeness to contain viable seeds. The cocoa pod has a thick, rough leathery rind and is filled with sweet, mucilaginous pulp (called 'baba de cacao' in South America) enclosing up to 30 large, soft white seeds which become violet or reddish brown when they dry out. These are the seeds which ultimately, after roasting and processing, become cocoa or chocolate. However, not all of the seeds are viable, but we pick out the fertile ones and immediately exclude all air by wrapping them tightly in a plastic skin. In this state they are viable for a month or so, and we obtain a constant supply of fresh pods to ensure some of the seeds are always viable. The actual procedure to germinate them has several stages and must be followed exactly, and we enclose full detailed instructions with every order. ... Learn More


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    This small clump forming perennial produces long stemmed,daisy like, bright yellow flowers with lance shaped leaves. A very popular plant with a wide range of pollinators from bees and butterflies to wasps and beetles, so perfect for wildlife gardens or those who just want to encourage more wildlife to their gardens. It is also an attractive cut flower, and regular deadheading will encourge blooms to continue from late spring through to early summer. Happiest in full sun and well drained soil conditions. ... Learn More


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    These brilliant scarlet-red flowers will bloom all summer long, so a great addition to the garden border or an intense flash of colour in pots and containers. As with all cosmos, a favourite with butterflies. Thrives in full sun and well-drained soil conditions. ... Learn More


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    A vigorous, spring-flowering crocus with large, lilac flowers and a yellow throat, with a deeper purple veining on the outside of the petals. A welcome splash of colour to the spring garden after the long winter months. ... Learn More


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    A popular flower in any spring garden, bringing a splash of vivid, bright purple flowers, Suitable for a wide range of planting styles from pots and containers, rock gardens or path edging and also look very impressive naturalised in grassy areas and lawns. ... Learn More


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    A great ornamental plant, with bright yellow ginger-like, sweetly scented flowers, and oblong, pleated leaves. It brings an oriental influence to the garden, from its native Southeast Asia, where it is more commonly used as food wrapping, and the hair like fibres are used to make fishing nets, ropes and even false hair! This plant provides nectar and pollen for bees and a wide range of other pollinating insects which are always a welcome addition to any garden. It can also be cultivated as a houseplant. ... Learn More


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    This superbly tasty fruit, the rarest, and possibly the best of all "Custard Apple" species, has reddish yellow, sweetish and very tasty, soft pulpy flesh, (hence the common name), and is very expensive indeed in UK exotic fruit shops. It is often grown in the West Indies, the outside being intriguingly marked with scaly depressions, giving it a most attractive, almost prehistoric-looking quilted appearance. Very few good sizeable shiny seeds are produced, hence the high price. ... Learn More


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