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    Berkheya cirsifolia, commonly referred to as the Silver Berkheya or the Silver Thistle, is a captivating perennial native to South Africa. Its distinct silver-gray foliage, deeply lobed and velvety to the touch, sets it apart. This hardy plant typically reaches heights of 1 to 3 feet and bears thistle-like flowers with striking silver-gray bracts encircling the central yellow disc, creating flower heads of 2 to 3 inches in diameter. Bloom occurs during the late spring and summer months, adding a touch of uniqueness to the landscape. The sturdy, upright stems provide structural support to the f ... Learn More


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    A dwarf variety with subtle Ivory-cream flowers on an upright, but containable habit. Prefers full sun, or partial shade with free-draining soil or compost. Excellent for containers and raised beds for the spring through summer, but can be planted in the border afterwards to enjoy for years to come. Some variation from seed may occur! ... Learn More


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    Chokeberry is thought to be the world's healthiest fruit! The berries, with very few seeds, should be very ripe indeed before they are eaten, and have a strong, delicious, and quite unique taste. But its most popular use is in juices, sauces, smoothies and summer puddings! Incredibly tough and hardy, it is long-lived, easy to grow, and extremely productive, and truly is a fruit of the future! With an amazing three times more xanthocyanins and antioxidants than blueberries and blackcurrants, (allegedly a highest proportion than any other known plant), and also polyphenols, bioflavonoids, tannin ... Learn More


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    This outstanding shrub or small tree bears long-lived "flowerheads" of enormous, impressive, buttercup-shaped flowers, consisting of waxy, creamy, butter-coloured bracts, followed by large red, strawberry-like fruits, which ripen right into early winter, producing a truly impressive sight. These are not really edible for us discriminating humans, but animals and birds love the ample fleshy insides. This is vaguely sweet, and tastes of nothing really, but can perhaps be likened to a large flavourless strawberry, amply filled with smooth, round, woody seeds, the size of small lemon pips! Anyway, ... Learn More


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    Courgette All Green Bush is a very reliable, quick-growing, dark-skinned variety that Is compact and perfect for growing in pots. It is quick to mature and will give a high yield all summer long if regularly harvested. Cut when about 8-10cm. ... Learn More


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    Courgette Zucchini can be relied upon to give a really good crop for many weeks through the summer. The fruits are dark green and smooth skinned with a slim, cylindrical shape. The excellent internal quality make them ideal for freezing. ... Learn More


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    A rare medium-sized tree with prolific white blossom in spring followed by yellow haws. Practically thornless. Thrives in any soil other than waterlogged, in a sunny position. Dotted hawthorn is often used in landscaping for its ornamental features, including its fragrant flowers and decorative berries. It can be employed in hedges, as a specimen plant, or in naturalized areas. The berries of Crataegus punctata are a valuable food source for birds, contributing to its ecological significance. ... Learn More


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    An outstandingly decorative plant deservedly given the R.H.S. Award of Garden Merit. Compact rosettes of broad leaves are produced beneath numerous sprays of intricately formed, frilly green flowerheads, attractively striped with mahogany. A very adaptable plant which excels in damp or wet soi, but still does perfectly well in dry conditions. ... Learn More


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    Alpine Daphne (Daphne alpina), a member of the Thymelaeaceae family, is a compact evergreen shrub appreciated for its simple beauty. With a typical height of 1 to 2 feet and a spread of 2 to 3 feet, this low-maintenance plant adds a touch of charm to gardens and landscapes. Known for its fragrant flowers, Alpine Daphne is a practical choice for those seeking an unassuming yet visually appealing addition to their outdoor spaces. ... Learn More


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    No other blue quite measures up to the almost iridescent hues of Delphinium “Cliveden Beauty”. It belongs to a group that characteristically has branching flowering stems rather than single spires of flowers. The flowers are borne from June to August, on tall, loose, spikes at the tips of the growing stem. The many individual blooms are clear light blue, each with a white centre. They are wonderful old-fashioned flowering plants that are well worth cultivating for their magnificent hues. ... Learn More


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    Dianthus Anatolicus is a resilient alpine perennial hailing from Anatolia, Turkey. Flourishing in various climates, this captivating plant showcases vibrant pink blooms against slender gray-green foliage. Renowned for its low-maintenance appeal it is a perfect addition to rock gardens or borders, bringing enduring beauty year after year. ... Learn More


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    Dictamnus albus var. caucasicus, the Caucasian dittany is a captivating perennial with aromatic foliage and exquisite blossoms. This sun-loving herbaceous perennial, native to the Caucasus region, adapts effortlessly to diverse soil types making it an easy to grow and tough plant. The fragrant leaves release a delightful lemon scent, enhancing its ornamental appeal. Its stunning pink to lavender flowers, attracting pollinators and contribute to its visual splendor. Explore the versatile beauty of this species, perfect for gardens and containers. ... Learn More


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    These showy, bright pink, leathery skinned fruit have a sweet seed-speckled pulp inside, which has acclaimed super food powers. They grow on vine-like cacti which produce aerial roots that allow them to cling to surfaces, creating a creeping, climbing habit. A fast-growing crop, the plants can produce for more than 20 years once established. Chinese legend claims they were created thousands of years ago by a dragon in battle who blew a burst of fire containing the fruit. ... Learn More


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    This newly discovered hybrid perennial slowly forms a dwarf, shrubby, bush-forming plant, which erupts with just a few stout, compact trusses of bright pink flowers. This really is a perennial here, and has a very good chance elsewhere in a sheltered situation in a warm garden, or even in a very large pot. The odd variant habit or colour may always appear, so we must respectfully point out that all of our new, and sometimes unique hybrid seed, by its very nature, may produce occasional freaks and oddities. Busy bees pollinate the many plants we grow here in just a few hectares. And so, you may ... Learn More


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    Erythrina caffra, commonly known as the African Coral Tree, enchants with its vibrant coral-colored flowers that bloom in clusters during the spring. These tubular blossoms, ranging from intense orange-red to coral hues, create a visually stunning spectacle, attracting pollinators and adding a burst of color to any landscape. featuring large, compound leaves that intricately divide, forming a lush canopy. This foliage not only provides an attractive backdrop to the brilliant flowers but also offers shade and visual interest, enhancing the overall allure of the tree. Native to South Africa, Ery ... Learn More


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