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    This vigorous and high yielding plant has good foliage and produces peppers which, with a score of 1000-5000 on the scoville scale, are a slightly milder variant of the popular Hot Banana. The conical shaped pods are sweet, juicy and succulent with thick walls which ripen from green to bright yellow. It is delicious when used fresh in salsas and salads. ... Learn More


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    As the name suggests, this pepper has small, glossy, cherry-sized fruits, which ripen from green to a bright cherry red. The plant can produce an abundance of peppers throughout its growing season. A great variety for the garden or patio, an abundance of fruits can also give it an ornamental appearance, in addition to it having a wide range of culinary uses. Fantastic in salads, raw or cooked, and brilliant for preserving. ... Learn More


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    A high yielding plant which produces attractive long, shiny, wrinkled fruits which have a very hot fruity flavour (measuring 135,000 on the Scoville Scale). Delicious when used fresh in salsas and salads, they can also be dried then ground for hot sauces. This attractive, showy plant can be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors in pots. ... Learn More


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    One of the most popular chilli varieties, producing long, green pods up to 10cm long, with a medium heat and slightly spicy flavour. Most commonly picked when green, they can also be left to fully ripen to a bright orange or red. A very versatile pepper which is delicious when stuffed with cheese, and grilled, sliced in salads and also are great for pickling. Prefers full sun and a sheltered position if grown outside in pots or containers, or grow them in your greenhouse or conservatory. Scoville units/heat level: 2,500 - 10,000 ... Learn More


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    This compact plant bears heavy sets of multiple straight pods which mature early in the season and continue to produce fruit for a long extended harvest. The fragrant and fiery fruit (rating 23,000 on the Scoville scale) quickly ripen from green to rich deep red. This is the most commonly grown chilli in Tibet where they are made into spicy sauces and pastes. Ideal for pot production and garden containers. ... Learn More


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    This small, pointed, cherry-type hot pepper has an unusual triangular shape resembling a small spinning top. The fruit have a hot (measuring 30,000 on the Scoville Scale) yet fruity flavour and are ideal for pickling or can be crushed up as a sauce. Plants bears fruit all season long and may be grown in the greenhouse and outdoors in pots. ... Learn More


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    Phlomis cashmeriana. Kashmir Sage, is an exceptionally beautiful purple-flowered Phlomis that grows on dry valley slopes in Kashmir and Pakistan and is also found in Afghanistan. The flowers are among the most vividly coloured of all the Phlomis with dense whorled verticillasters of hooded blooms arranged at intervals up the flowering stems. It has large aromatic oblong-lanceolate leaves that are woolly on the under-surfaces and can grow up to 30 cm long. A herbaceous perennial, Phlomis cashmeriana requires a sunny aspect and well-drained substrate to which gavel or grit has been added and ... Learn More


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    Phlox drummondii, commonly known as Drummond's phlox, presents a delightful mix with its vibrant and varied display. This warm-season annual, native to North America, boasts a captivating blend of features that add a touch of charm to gardens. Drummond's phlox, in its mix of colors, reveals a compact and bushy growth habit. The plants form low mounds, creating a pleasing carpet of color. The foliage of Phlox drummondii is typically slender and lance-shaped, providing a backdrop to the dazzling floral display. The green leaves serve as an elegant foil to the vivid blooms presented as a kaleidos ... Learn More


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    A slow-growing, ornamental, spiny evergreen shrub or tree bearing small deep red to purple, plum shaped fruit. It tolerates frequent trimming and can be closely planted to form a tall hedge, windbreak or boundary screen. The soft, juicy pulp of the fruit can be acidic in flavour and is often used to make jams, preserve and jellies. The bark, leaves and root are used medicinally in parts of Asia and Africa. ... Learn More


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    Deep purple raspberries ripen in late summer, and right into late autumn, on this rare hybrid primocane plant. Summer-fruiting raspberries produce fruit on the previous year's old canes, but this variety fruits very late, and heavily, usually at the top of the new current year's green canes. After it has fruited, and all leaves have fallen off in the winter, cut canes to the ground. New ones will grow quickly the following spring, and these will again bear the heavy crop, which is produced in August, September and October. Unbelievable but true, it does NOT set the main crop of fruit until l ... Learn More


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    Dark flame-red, sweet, juicy fruits start ripening at the very end of summer and continue into late autumn on this very late-fruiting primocane variety, which will provide fruit constantly until the first damaging frost in late October or even November. Summer-fruiting raspberries produce fruit on the previous year's old canes, but this variety fruits very late indeed, and heavily, in sizeable clusters at the top of the new current year's green canes. After it has fruited, and all leaves have fallen off in the winter, cut canes to the ground. New ones will grow quickly the following spring, a ... Learn More


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    These new and quite unique snow white fruits are larger than many of the standard cultivated blackberries, but are just as sweet and juicy. It is an excellent variety for jams, jellies and preserves, as well as juicing, and when freshly-picked, the berries can be consumed immediately, or they can be mixed into fruit bowls and green salads to amaze and intrigue your guests and friends. They can also be used as a substitute for regular blackberries in raw and cooked applications. (Maybe the first ever pot of white jam....?) And the foliage and stems are a startling, most attractive, bright emera ... Learn More


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    Rhodocoma capensis, commonly referred to as the Cape Restio, is a distinctive and ornamental perennial native to the Western Cape of South Africa. This resilient plant, a member of the Restionaceae family, showcases an architectural grace with its slender, reed-like stems that form dense clumps, reaching heights of 3 to 5 feet. The foliage consists of slender, needle-like leaves arranged alternately along the stems, contributing to its bushy and structured appearance. Come late spring to early summer, Cape Restio adorns itself with small, unassuming flowers surrounded by papery bracts, addi ... Learn More


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    A healthy, tough and extremely vigorous rose with spreading growth, bearing masses of pure white flowers, with a strong sweet fragrance, which are held in beautiful, flat-topped, cascading clusters. These can sometimes be made up of hundreds of individual flowers each facing outwards, exposing a cluster of pretty yellow stamens. The heavy masses of perfumed flowers are most attractive to bees, making it a good choice for a wildlife garden, and also for growing through large trees, or to cover large unsightly buildings or walls. The Royal Horticultural Society has given it its prestigious Aw ... Learn More


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    Bright red elder berries open in dazzling clusters amongst the finely-divided golden feathery foliage, and even in full sun the foliage of this superb and striking Elder will look luminous and healthy, completely resisting sun-scorch. These exceptional plants are long-lived, even making superb hedging plants up to 2 m tall! Few fertile seeds set. ... Learn More


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