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    This unusual foxglove has a beautiful 'Coffee and Cream' colouring. From late spring to mid summer it produces tall spikes of densely packed, fawn coloured flowers each with a pearl coloured, protruding lower lip. Each of the blooms is delicately patterned with pale coffee-brown veins. Well-worth trying in a shady, well-drained spot in the garden, this perennial variety grows to a height of only 60 to 72cm (24 to 30in), and produces many stems which are very suited for use as cut flowers. ... Learn More


    (80+ seeds)

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    With their elegant upright habit, long spikes heavenly white, bell shaped flowers with densely speckled throats of deep maroon-purple, these make an impressive feature in the garden. The plants form rosettes of hairy lance shaped leaves in their first growing season. The second year they send up large spikes with drooping bell shaped blooms. Flowering begins in May and continues through the summer months. Digitalis are handsome and easy if watered well in dry weather, and look spectacular at the back of a border. Extremely attractive to bees. ... Learn More


    (500+ seeds)

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    From June to September, fabulous, white, daisy-like flowers with drooping petals and burnished, orange-brown centres appear on stiff stems. This white coneflower is shorter than many other varieties, making it a valuable addition to the middle of a border or containers. It is a tough plant, and, like other coneflowers, is long-flowering and will cope well with adverse weather conditions, except drought. Try it dotted through the middle of a sunny, mixed border or in bold drifts among grasses where it will extend the season of interest. It is attractive to bees and butterflies, and birds will flock to the seed heads. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    A mixture of the ever popular californian poppy, this mixture of single flowered colour forms will produce all colours from red to pink to orange and yellow. Can be started in pots or cells or distributed directly to a sunny well drained area of the garden. ... Learn More


    (250 seeds)

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    This stunning annual with a bushy growth habit produces showy clusters of small, pale green and white blossoms which make awesome cut flowers whilst the foliage has spectacular white margins. It is easily propagated from seeds and thrives best in well-drained soil. It is low maintenance and loves heat and humidity as well as being drought tolerant. ... Learn More


    (70+ seeds)

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    A profusion of beautiful, daisy-like sky blue flowers, covering deep green, compact foliage from June until the first frosts in September. A stand out summer performer with good drought tolerance suitable for bedding and containers. Attractive to butterflies. ... Learn More


    (100 seeds)

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    A summer sowing variety with tall stems and feathery green foliage. Forming large, succulent bulbs which can be used chopped raw in salads, braised as a vegetable or added to delicious winter casseroles. It has a mild aniseed taste and a texture similar to that of celery. The leaves may also be used for flavouring, (especially fish dishes). Has high bolting resistance and best grown for late cropping. Harvest leaves in June, bulbs from September ... Learn More


    (400 seeds)

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    This selection forms a low mound of olive-green leaves with masses of gorgeous scarlet-red flowers adorned with fringed yellow tips and a reddish-brown cone. Can be used as annual bedding, or year after year as a perennial. Excellent for beds and borders; often flowering the first year from seed. Outstanding for edging, borders, rock gardens or containers, the flowers are attractive to butterflies, and also excellent for cutting. Plants should be divided in early spring every 2 to 3 years. These will not tolerate wet, heavy clay soil, particularly in the winter. ... Learn More


    (60+ seeds)

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    The mock or false verbena but no less attractive when planted in dense groups. A classic case of one persons weed being another's treasure. An annual or short lived perennial flower originating from South America this easy to grow plant will do well in most situations producing heads of clustered blue/purple flowers throughout summer. ... Learn More


    (500 seeds)

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    This heat-loving, drought-tolerant plant is valued for its lovely, straw-like flowers in bright shades of red, orange, pink, purple, yellow, and white. An easy to grow annual, it will reward you with non-stop blooms from summer until the first hard frost. It is well-suited for the sunniest spot in your garden and the daisy-like papery heads will last indefinitely if dried. They will retain their colour and are perfect for dried flower arrangements. ... Learn More


    (200+ seeds)

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    Indispensable in any herb garden is this decorative plant with rich green, closely curled foliage with a compact habit. Ideal for garnishing, and flavouring soups and stews. Curly parsley has a slightly milder taste than the flat-leaved variety. ... Learn More


    (600+ seeds)

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    Rocket is an easy to grow salad crop. This variety has the vigour of salad rocket with the wild rocket flavour; it adds a delicious spicy, peppery punch to salads. The younger leaves are milder, more tender and delicately flavoured. Older leaves can also be lightly cooked as a spinach substitute; added to sauces, stir-fried or sautéed in olive oil. The flowers are edible too. It has excellent mildew resistance. Rocket likes a sunny site with rich, fertile, well-drained soil. It also grows well in containers. ... Learn More


    (900 seeds)

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    I. umbellata is a small, bushy annual to 30cm, with slender leaves and sweet-scented white, pink, purple or crimson flowers in flattened clusters in late spring and summer. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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    An early flowering, popular perennial with large, sword-like, grey-green leaf blades and bright red, orange and yellow blooms of 30 45cm (12-18"). These showy flowers are perfect in the front of a shrub border, in the back of flower gardens, or lining a long driveway. A great cut flower. They tolerate wind and prefer moist soil. ... Learn More


    (50+ seeds)

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    A smart, compact, form of English lavender that carries masses of deep purple-blue flowers on fine, silvery-grey, aromatic foliage. It is the perfect choice for creating a traditional Lavender hedge with the added benefit of being very attractive to bees and butterflies. Fully hardy, the fragrant stems and flowers can also be cut and dried for home-made potpourri. ... Learn More


    (150+ seeds)

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