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    Gomphrena globosa is native to Central America including regions Panama, and Guatemala, but is now grown globally as a tropical annual plant blooming continuously throughout summer. G globosa "Ribena Ruffles" will produce masses of large purple globe shaped frilly flower heads upon a spreading bushy annual habit, so give it some space to expand! Even better this plant is very tolerant to heat and fairly drought resistant although it will appreciate regular moisture in the height of summer. ... Learn More


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    Renowned for its beauty this can be grown as an ornamental shrub or tree. The trunk has shedding bark and it produces fragrant flowers. The small fig-like fruit are considered to be the sweetest of all the guava varieties with a musky fragrance and tropical notes of papaya, passion fruit, melon and ripe pear. Considered to be a 'super fruit', the skin is high in Vitamin C and the pink flesh contains more beta carotene than the white variety. ... Learn More


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    Hidden in a remote part of Tibet in the Himalayas lies the world's deepest canyon, the uninhabited Tsangpo gorge, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon! And discovered there as recently as 2003, in the barely-explored Namcha Barwa Canyon was an extremely rare beauty, the first ever deep blue impatiens, that also happens to be easy to grow! This fantastic, fast-growing plant has flowers of the most remarkable sapphire blue with a contrasting white throat, amidst attractive serrated leaves the colour of polished jade. No photoshop-colour needed! Unlike the traditional flat-disk shape of other bedding impatiens, these constantly-produced flowers resemble elegant cranes in flight. This priceless new gem (aka Blue Dream) is a perennial species when grown indoors or perhaps outdoors in very mild winter areas. Once you have a plant, to make sure you do not lose it, stem cuttings are fast and easy to root in water in spring, or with more difficulty, in damp sand or gravel in autumn.... although the seeds are sometimes equally slow to germinate. We regret that just a few hundred small viable seeds are available, and these have to be slowly and laboriously individually collected here, hence the high price. We have recently been informed that other online sellers from around the world may NOT be selling or supplying either fresh seeds or the true plant, so please take care. ... Learn More


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    Stunning flowers on upright, erect stems, in shades of cream, yellow, maroon and purple, often with intricate patterns and markings, and long narrow leaves. Ideal for the garden border and due to the wide colour variations, this makes a great addition to a cut flower garden. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)

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    A brand new and incredibly bright, dwarf, shining canary-yellow foliage form of Iris foetidissima. Semi-evergreen clusters of golden daggers arise from compact clumps and are astonishingly vivid in very early spring. The pale blue, typical iris flowers open soon after. Seedlings come quite true but very few seeds collected. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    A beautiful iris with sword-like, dark green leaves and flowers blooming in shades of deep blue, violet and lavender, with darker veining and a bright yellow centre. Native to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, this iris makes a stunning addition to a sunny border. It is often used as an ornamental plant in combination narcissus and tulips in Turkish gardens and parks. ... Learn More


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    Unbelievably sweet berries of delicious, strong, raspberry-like flavour ripen in heavy bunches in July and August. The bright orange/red berries turn to crimson when fully ripe, and have an unusual fragrant-aromatic sweet taste. They are ideal for eating fresh from the bush, and also in jams, jellies and desserts and are perfect in pastries and pies. Originating in Japan, but also native to Korea and China, the self-fertile Japanese Wineberry is a very handsome plant that has something to offer throughout the year. It may also be used to good effect as an ornamental climber, whilst the canes are an attractive red in winter, providing further interest following flowering and fruiting, ... Learn More


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    Velvety, fleshy, pulpy fruit, rather like a tomato or small apple, fills this rarely-seen member of, believe it or not, the willow family! An attractive tree at all times, it is widely grown in warm temperate to tropical gardens around the world. And as it is many-branching, and has a dense crown, It is also used as an inpenetrable hedging plant, on account of the masses of spines that adorn the inner branches. And finally, it has valuable uses in local and popular medicine, specifically for relieving pain and rheumatism. ... Learn More


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    This exotic vine has heart-shaped leaves and produces small yellow flowers followed by unusual looking spiky fruits which change colour from green to yellowy-orange when ripe. The seeded, lime-green jelly like interior of the fruit is rich in nutrients and has a mild flavour which is sometimes described as a cross between cucumber, courgette and kiwifruit (although as it ripens, it tastes more like a banana). It is thought to be the ancestor of all other cultivated melons, and should be grown like an ordinary cucumber but with less water and in a dryer atmosphere. ... Learn More


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    With attractive dark red frills, and open leaves, an ideal lettuce for both the experienced and novice vegetable gardener, due to its tolerance to both heat and cold and is bolt resistant. It can be harvested whole, or is also suitable as a cut and come again variety, bringing a more unusual colour to the average salad bowl. ... Learn More


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    Prized for its long flowering period, This lily produces a stunning display with the flowers resembling a Turk's cap of bright orange with an array of reddish maroon spots, and a whorl of leaves around the stems. It is a real eye-catching addition to the garden, and is also very popular with pollinators, especially butterflies. Native to North America, where it is a popular plant in both butterfly and hummingbird gardens. Preferring full or partial sun, mature plants can produce up to 20 blossoms per stem. ... Learn More


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    With graceful heads of out-facing orange flowers and dark spots, this lily is popular with bees and a wide variety of pollinators. Native to north-eastern China, Korea, and eastern Russia where it is found in forests on gently sloping hills, it is a woodland species and likes moisture and shade. A hardy lily, which can withstand temperatures of -15C. ... Learn More


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    Beautiful white, lightly scented flowers, in a turk's cap form, which are spotted with red and purple. Flowering in June and July with up to 6-8 blooms on each vertical stem, giving an eye-catching display. Originally from Asia, where it grows in forest margins, it prefers shade or part shade and a moist soil. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Beautiful bright yellow flowers are spotted with dark chocolate, in a turk's cap form with recurved petals. With up to 20 flowers on each slender, dark stem, this is a stunning lily for the garden border, providing a striking contrast in colour. Best in full sun or part shade, and moist, well drained soil. ... Learn More


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    A very unique martagon, with frosted buds and with blooms opening to a pale blush with yellow, then orange, with darker spots of brown . Flowering in June bringing a varying colour palette to the garden in just one plant. Best suited to full sun or partial shade with well drained or even moist soil.    ... Learn More


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