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    This fast growing annual or biennial is very attractive to bees and butterflies. It is a clump forming plant putting out several thin stems from the centre, each adorned with multiple powder-puff flowers in shades of white, pink and purple arranged in whorls along its length. Resembling oregano in appearance, it is a stalwart of the herb garden but is equally at home dotted through the herbaceous border. When crushed, the leaves release a lemon-like scent. ... Learn More


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    Whorls of purple pollinator attracting flowers sit upon aromatic foliage. A perennial plant sometimes grown as an annual. Also known as Bee Balm which, as the name suggests, attract bees en masse. Easy to grow but we recommend a sunny position with good ventilation and airflow with moderate moisture. ... Learn More


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    Flowering freely the first year from seed, and indeed best grown as an annual, 'Lambada' bears long spires of white-spotted, deep pink flowers arranged generously in whorls. Pretty in a mixed bouquet of cut flowers and in wildflower gardens, it can also be used as a dried flower. ... Learn More


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    Clusters of cup-shaped magenta flowers open in summer, above compact rosettes of narrow, lance-shaped, hairy, gray-green leaves. This is an ideal subject for the rock garden or scree, and makes an excellent container plant for the patio, as this compact, mound-forming perennial is often grown as an annual! ... Learn More



    This rare, hardy, exceedingly choice African mountain plant produces large, quite exquisite, iris-like flowers in a rich shade of cream with delicate markings and blotches whilst the few, thick, leathery leaves constantly discard bizarre brown web-like netting! ... Learn More


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    A valuable find from the South African mountains. Large, iris-like, bright yellow flowers held well above the thin strap-like leaves, but these are different from other moraeas as you will agreeably discover when you smell the overwhelming perfume! ... Learn More


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    With a fair resemblance to Moraea huttonii, large, iris-like, bright yellow flowers are held well above the thin strap-like leaves, but once again these are different from other moraeas as you will agreeably discover when you smell the sweet perfume! A valuable find from the South African mountains. Few seeds collected. ... Learn More


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    Some moraeas can be a challenge to grow, but not this dazzling one. A very drought tolerant species, this is long-blooming, vigorous, and gets bigger and stronger every year here in a well-drained corner of our African garden, bearing large, deep blue to violet, iris-like flowers with yellow nectar guides, on strong stems. It is equally happy whether in a pot or in a rockery. ... Learn More



    From the mountains of South Africa comes this exotic, spectacular but hardy iris relative. Only one whippy strap-like leaf appears,but the strong erect stem produces a long succession of large, brilliant yellow, orchid-like flowers throughout early summer. Challenge your friends to name it. ... Learn More


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    In late spring flowers of matt yellow-brown are suffused with blue and purple, the falls having a yellow spotted basal patch. One of the most versatile plants around, this African native can tolerate virtually any soil conditions from drought to moist soil and requires little maintenance. From the South-western Cape, it usually bears more than two leaves, the spiky foliage adding perfect texture and interest to formal settings and blooms are produced over a long season through the spring and summer. ... Learn More



    A rare, exquisite, and long-lived Nepalese plant. A stout rosette of thistle-like foliage (but no relation) pushes up strong stems from which radiate leafy branchlets producing exotic, almost orchid-like, flared white flowers, which turn to bright pink inside after pollination. It will repeat flower from early summer until the frost, especially if dead-headed. A superb, hardy and valuable plant. ... Learn More


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    This fast-growing, drought-resistant tree, native to the southern foothills of the Himalayas in north western India is widely cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Hanging clusters of fragrant, orchid-like flowers later become hanging fruits which are three-sided brown capsules holding dark brown, globular seeds which have three whitish, papery wings and are dispersed by wind and water and are sometimes eaten like peas or roasted like nuts. The whitish-grey bark is surrounded by thick cork, and in cultivation the trunk is often cut back annually to 1–2 metres and allowed to regrow, an ... Learn More


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    Muhlenbergia capillaris, commonly known as pink muhly grass, is a warm-season, clump-forming grass species that adds a touch of elegance to landscapes. Muhlenbergia capillaris has a tufted, clump-forming growth habit. The grass typically forms dense, fountain-like mounds of slender foliage. The foliage consists of narrow, linear leaves that are typically green but can take on a reddish or bronze tint, especially in the autumn. The most distinctive feature of pink muhly grass is its airy and feathery pink to purplish-pink inflorescences. The flowering plumes are borne on arching stems and creat ... Learn More


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    Individual plants grow to between 3-7 m high, but can reach up to 12 m, with leaves around 3 m in length and 90 cm in width. As the leaves are coloured red on their underside with shoots growing from a creeping, elongated, underground rhizome. The plants thrive best in shade or filtered sun, as intense direct sun can damage the leaves. Unusually, this wild banana has pink fruits and in its native south-east Asia, they are an important wild food source for Asian elephants .This species is increasingly under threat in the wild commercial agriculture is now clearing much of the irreplaceable ... Learn More


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    A superb, almost hardy, new species of ornamental banana from the Himalayas. The strong vigorous leaves are often tinged with ruby red tints. Very hardy and wind tolerant. Ideal for a large container or border. ... Learn More


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