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    This is is a rapidly growing and splendidly blooming annual plant that forms broad tufts. Slender stems grow 20-40 cm long and can creep around supports. Large, funnel-shaped blooms are carmine-red at the edges that surround a yellow tube with a white ring. They close in the afternoon and at night, but bloom continuously all summer long. Great for covering larger areas, borders and edgings but will look equally good in standing and hanging pots on a terrace or balcony. ... Learn More


    (80 seeds)

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    Vivid swathes of bright yellow, red to brown flowers will flower just two months after sowing making this a great space filler for an instant summer display. Technically perennial in the right place these are best grown as an annual in the UK especially in cold climates. Can be sown in pots/trays or direct to ground. ... Learn More


    (300+ seeds)

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    A compact variety with a dwarf habit compared to many cosmos but with very large white flowers. A reliable performer which will flower for many months before going to seed. ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    Appearing in a multitude of different colours this mixture of a cottage garden classic will not disapoint! Adding vibrant colour and interest to your summer borders or containers. They are also great as cut flowers, in fact the more you cut the more flowers they will go on to produce! ... Learn More


    (150 seeds)

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    With vibrant, deep orange, double and semi double blooms sitting above neat compact mounds of deep green foliage, this Cosmos looks stunning when planted en-masse in borders or large containers. With a sunny location and moderate water it will produce an abundance of blooms all summer long. Makes an excellent cut flower with a vase life of 7 - 10 days. Cut the blooms in the early morning hours, and select stems with flowers that have just opened. ... Learn More


    (15 seeds)

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    Bunches of daisy-like flowers and graceful feathery foliage make these a delight in both colour and texture, attracting both birds and butterflies. Considered drought resistant, Cosmos grows best in full sun, but will grow well and flower earlier in poor, fairly dry soils. Easy to grow from seed, they make excellent cut flowers. Sow direct into the flowering position in April-May or in March for pots and containers. ... Learn More


    (20 seeds)

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    Medium-dark straight F1 courgette with green, cylindrical fruits which grow up to a length of 18-20cm (7-8 in). Has a high yield potential over a long cropping season. Courgettes can be eaten raw or cooked, sliced thinly and dressed with a little salt and olive oil for a great addition to salads, or you could try making courgette spaghetti by spiralizing (courgetti). ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    A bush variety producing vibrant, golden yellow fruits with white stripes and a wonderful flavour and texture. Uniform and high yielding. The compact plants have spineless stems making it easy to harvest the plentiful fruits from amongst the green foliage. ... Learn More


    (10 seeds)

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    Fragrant, golden-yellow, goblet-shaped flowers, with a bronze-green base and purple markings on the outer petals, appear in February and March with their slender, strap-shaped leaves. These spring-flowering crocuses are perfect for naturalising in sunny, well-drained areas of the lawn. Relatively vigorous in the garden, they soon form large colonies, which can be divided in early autumn for use in other areas. They also work well in pots and window boxes, where you will be better able to take advantage of their sweet-smelling blooms. ... Learn More


    (30 seeds)

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    Give your garden a vibrant splash of late summer colour with Dahlia 'Pompone Mixed'. The small but perfectly formed, ball shaped flowers in double form are in bright solid colours in a wide band of shades. The tall stems of this decorative Dahlia add height and structure to the back of borders, and are perfect for cutting for your own bouquets. The first year will provide a very economical collection of these delightful blooms and each plant will produce tubers that can be carefully lifted at the end of the season for storing and re-planting the following year. ... Learn More


    (25 seeds)

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    These annual flowering, specially bred compact plants produce flower spikes of densely packed, attractive stock-like dwarf blooms in several colours from pink, mauve, rose, purple, grey, white to shades of blue. Easy to grow, they are Ideal for adding some dazzling character to your borders and containers. ... Learn More


    (200 seeds)

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    If you love Delphiniums then you'll love these! 'Frosted Skies' has spires of semi-double white flowers with china blue edges, on long branching stems. A strong stemmed upright growing larkspur, one of the very best for bouquets. Sow in spring for summer flowers then sow again in autumn. From an autumn sowing Larkspur produces sturdy plants and flowers early the following year. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)

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    A new variety. Intensely coloured, double blooms of dark pinky-red are held on tall, strong stems. A beautiful plant for the border, providing colour throughout the summer. An excellent cut flower, the blooms last a long time in water. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)

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    Featuring tall spires of double, spurred, pale pink flowers with hints of pale green on long branching stems. A beautiful plant for the border, providing colour throughout the summer. An excellent cut flower, the blooms last a long time in water. Toxic if ingested. ... Learn More


    (50 seeds)

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    Delphinium grandiflorum is a species of Delphinium known by the common names Siberian larkspur and Chinese Delphinium. It is native to Russia and China. There are several popular cultivars in several colours which are grown as ornamental plants, including 'Blue Butterfly', 'Summer Morning', 'Blue Mirror', and 'Summer Stars'. This mix includes some of each of these. It is much shorter and more compact than the more familiar tall D. elatum, with dispersed flowers, rather than single spikes, but individual flowers are larger and more intense in colour. It is a short-lived perennial that is suggested to be treated like an annual in many cases due to its unpredictability in terms of returning the next season. It readily provides seed pods for reseeding. In sunlight the flowers can appear to glow or look fluorescent due to the intensity of the pigment in the petals. ... Learn More


    (150+ seeds)

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