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    Beautiful bright yellow flowers are spotted with dark chocolate, in a turk's cap form with recurved petals. With up to 20 flowers on each slender, dark stem, this is a stunning lily for the garden border, providing a striking contrast in colour. Best in full sun or part shade, and moist, well drained soil. ... Learn More


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    A very unique martagon, with frosted buds and with blooms opening to a pale blush with yellow, then orange, with darker spots of brown . Flowering in June bringing a varying colour palette to the garden in just one plant. Best suited to full sun or partial shade with well drained or even moist soil.    ... Learn More


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    This stunning lily mix has masses of unique recurved flower heads, blooming in a wide variety of colours from pink and orange, to yellow and cream. Produced on tall upright stems, they really stand out in any border at an eye-catching height or can be planted out in pots and containers in smaller gardens. Flowering from June to August they put on an impressive display throughout the summer months and are popular with bees and other pollinators, as their downward-facing blooms offer protection from predators. ... Learn More


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    The Wood Apple is a slow growing tree related to the citrus family, with leaves bearing oil glands, which give a slight lemon scent when crushed. Flowers are very fragrant and cream in colour so therefore attract many pollinators. Native to India and Sri Lanka, the woody berries are ceremonially eaten during the Ganesha Festival ... Learn More


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    An evergreen tree native to the Himalayas, Myanmar, Tibet and Yunnan. Fragrant, milky white flowers emerge in the spring, which are about 6" in diameter when fully open. The bark is dark grey, which also holds fragrance, and the wood is well known for building homes and furniture in certain parts of the world. It prefers full sun to light shade, does not tolerate wind and must not dry out. ... Learn More


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    Individual plants grow to between 3-7 m high, but can reach up to 12 m, with leaves around 3 m in length and 90 cm in width. As the leaves are coloured red on their underside with shoots growing from a creeping, elongated, underground rhizome. The plants thrive best in shade or filtered sun, as intense direct sun can damage the leaves. Unusually, this wild banana has pink fruits and in its native south-east Asia, they are an important wild food source for Asian elephants .This species is increasingly under threat in the wild commercial agriculture is now clearing much of the irreplaceable ... Learn More


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    This quick growing banana from the Himalayas has a grey stem, with new leaves being tinged red on the underside, darkening to green as they grow further. Flowering in July with beautiful red flowers, the edible fruits are then produced in October of the same year. ... Learn More


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    An aquatic flowering plant, with delicate white flowers blooming from May to July. A peppery salad herb crop popular in the UK, it can be easily grown in a container or pond, giving a regular harvest throughout the year, as long as the plant roots remain in water. Attractive to pollinators, especially hoverflies. ... Learn More


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    Originating from China and Burma, with rich pink, saucer-shaped flowers, with darker spotting, this is a beautiful and delicate addition to the garden. Preferring partial shade and well drained to moist soil. ... Learn More


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    If you are looking for what is most likely the widest ranging, and most exclusive random mixture, of annual, perennial and biennial, herbaceous and evergreen flowers of all heights widths, colours and growing habits that we managed to completely forget the exact name of when collecting, then this is the mixture for you! But do not worry, we know they are not giant trees, vegetables or exotics from much warmer places! The only thing we can guarantee is a generous scoop of seeds to sow in trays or sprinkle directly onto the garden if you're feeling more adventurous. ... Learn More


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    Definitely an unusual tree with many names, for many reasons. Growing up to 18 metres tall, it is native to the Indian subcontinent where is it used for foodstuffs, medicines and dyes. The large leaves which grow up to a metre in length, are borne on leaf stalks which are up to 2 metres in length. As these leaf stalks wither, they fall off the tree and gather at the base of the trunk where they look like 'broken bones'. The tree is a night-bloomer and flowers are adapted to natural pollination by bats. Enormous seed pods are produced, with the fruits (up to 1.5m long) curving downwards like sw ... Learn More


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    Flowers are almost foxglove-like in appearance,though on a small scale, in shades of pink- red with white throats. A real magnet for pollinators, especially bumblebees, with a long flowering period from May right through to September. A popular choice for traditional cottage gardens, as well as more informal beds and borders. Prefers full sun or partial shade with well-drained soil. ... Learn More


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    This tall, vigorous hot pepper produces many glossy, tapering fruits (up to 5cm) and can be grown either in the greenhouse or outside in pots. It has a wide range of culinary uses but is especially used for making hot sauces, hence its name! It compliments all meats and vegetable based dishes and is especially good for pickling for the winter months. Scoville units / heat level: 100,000 ... Learn More


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    This sweet Paprika variety of pepper produces an abundance of bright 13cm long red fruits and is the traditional pepper used in hungarian goulash and many other dishes as a dried powder. Plants produce on average 20 plus fruits and can be grown both in the greenhouse or outdoor in pots. Scoville units / heat level: 0 Average fruits per plant: 20 plus Plant type: indeterminate (needs support) Maturity: mid Production: greenhouse and outdoors in pots and field Culinary use: Dry fruits into sweet powder for Goulash and soups. ... Learn More


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    A compact and mild chilli pepper, ideal for pots and containers outdoors in the garden or in the greenhouse. These small, yellow drop-shaped chillies can be eaten whole in salads and add a gentle heat to a wide variety of dishes. They can also be pickled whole for a mild chilli hit in the colder winter months. Scoville units / heat level: 500 ... Learn More


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