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    A great ornamental plant, with bright yellow ginger-like, sweetly scented flowers, and oblong, pleated leaves. It brings an oriental influence to the garden, from its native Southeast Asia, where it is more commonly used as food wrapping, and the hair like fibres are used to make fishing nets, ropes and even false hair! This plant provides nectar and pollen for bees and a wide range of other pollinating insects which are always a welcome addition to any garden. It can also be cultivated as a houseplant. ... Learn More


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    This superbly tasty fruit, the rarest, and possibly the best of all "Custard Apple" species, has reddish yellow, sweetish and very tasty, soft pulpy flesh, (hence the common name), and is very expensive indeed in UK exotic fruit shops. It is often grown in the West Indies, the outside being intriguingly marked with scaly depressions, giving it a most attractive, almost prehistoric-looking quilted appearance. Very few good sizeable shiny seeds are produced, hence the high price. ... Learn More


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    This superb and extremely unusual form of pink has two distinctive features. The petals, which come in shades from palest pink to red, are deeply and delicately slashed into countless thousands of thin wavy fronds, producing an incredible effect when the clump is in full flower. But the most overwhelming and instantly noticeable aspect is the perfume. Very few of this famous family can compete with the constant production of sweet scent over a long season of bloom. Produces very few good seeds. ... Learn More


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    Strong stems hold deepest ruby-red flowers, each ringed with a pure white frilly border, which can fill a garden full of sweet perfume and bicoloured blossoms all summer long. In addition, they are superb as container grown patio plants, and also make perfect cut flowers so you can take the sweet perfume indoors! ... Learn More


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    Spires of white, lily-like flowers, scented with lemon are adorned on flower spikes, with divided green leaves. The seeds develop into star-shaped pods, which can also be used for flower arranging. Prefers full sun to partial shade and is a stunning addition to garden borders. A plant to be handled carefully, as skin irritant in sunlight. ... Learn More


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    These showy, bright pink, leathery skinned fruit have a sweet seed-speckled pulp inside, which has acclaimed super food powers. They grow on vine-like cacti which produce aerial roots that allow them to cling to surfaces, creating a creeping, climbing habit. A fast-growing crop, the plants can produce for more than 20 years once established. Chinese legend claims they were created thousands of years ago by a dragon in battle who blew a burst of fire containing the fruit. ... Learn More


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    Having a bright yellow skin with smooth curved spines on the outside and a translucent white flesh with black seeds on the inside this is the sweetest dragon fruit variety. It has a mild flavour with floral notes, bearing some resemblance to kiwifruit. This dullish green climbing cactus bears white and yellow flowers which have thin and long petals. ... Learn More


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    Another of our new big echium hybrids. In spring, countless buds sprout sideways from the trunk, they turn upwards, and then become thick, stout, strong, vertical columns. Tightly-clustered sprays of white, (or very occasionally pale blue) flowers cloak them in early summer, continuing to slowly open from the the bottom upwards for many months. The flowers on this variety should be even more compact than on its relatives as it has inherited this characteristic from one of its parents, Echium wildprettii! If deadheaded after flowering, numerous new shoots will usually appear around the remaining stems to continue the display the following year. Busy bees also pollinate the many plants we grow here in just a few hectares. It is therefore likely that you may get the occasional surprise variant. ... Learn More


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    A fast growing tree legume from tropical America with small white flower heads that appear in compact round heads. Preferring a moist, warm climate, it grows in a wide variety of soil conditions. The large seeds pods are semicircular and resemble a elephant or monkey ear, hence the 'ear tree' as it is more commonly known. It is the national tree of Costa Rica, where the seed pods are widely used as a food source for livestock. ... Learn More


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    Beautiful star-shaped flowers, in shades of brown and purple, grown on spikes which can grow up to 2 feet high. The grey-green, straplike leaves grow in a tuft from the crown at the base. Prefers a sunny spot, in well drained soil and is ideal for beds and borders. ... Learn More


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    Desert Candles are native to dry, semi -desert grasslands and so need lots of sun and well drained soil and a sheltered position from wind. They produce tall flower spikes from low, rosette like strap leaves which make it an ideal addition to the back of borders and beds. A real magnet for pollinators due to the sheer number of flowers, but if you can spare them from the garden and the bees, they are great for cutting to give a real impact and height to any floral arrangement. In some areas, additional frost protection maybe needed to protect the roots. Also known as foxtail lilies or desert candles, eremurus produce tall flower spikes (called racemes) from low, rosette-like strap-shaped leaves in the early part of summer and flower till midsummer. These spectacular 'racemes' can reach a height of anything from 1-3 metres depending on the variety. A half hardy perennial, these plants need lots of sun and good soil drainage as it is native to dry semi-desert grasslands. Foxtail lilies will also need frost protection and shelter from wind in the case of the taller varieties. Group Fleshy-rooted perennial Flowering time Early to midsummer Planting time Spring or late summer to early autumn Height & spread 1-3m (3-9ft) by 0.4-1.5m (20in-5ft) Aspect South facing, full sun Hardiness Hardy, but requires free draining soil Difficulty Difficult ... Learn More


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    This compact, clump forming fleabane generally produces only one lavender-purple flower per stem, but gives a vibrant show of colour in contrast to the grey-green foliage. Native to North America, where it grows on ridges, rocky slopes, and outcroppings, it is ideal for troughs, rock gardens and edging, giving a vibrant splash of colour in early summer. ... Learn More


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    This incredible selection of incredibly diverse perennial erysimum (shrubby wallflower) seeds has never before been offered anywhere. We have been breeding unusual wallflowers for very many years, and a good number of our best seedlings have been protected and sold in large numbers worldwide. The original parent stock we used for breeding purposes varied from tiny alpines. through the conventional commercial colour range of biennial wallflowers, right up to large shrubby species. Enormous beds of mixed forms were grown to permit the bees to do much of the pollinating. Plants varied enormously in habit, size and colour of flowers and flowering times, and aongst the the unique plants you will finally grow, you will discover tall leggy specimens along with superb plants making evergreen compact cushions studded with flowers of all sizes, but inevitably all very perfumed. Some may be of a very high standard and commercially valuable if propagated, hence their high price. We respectfully point out that all of this hybrid seed, by its very nature, will definitely produce occasional freaks and oddities! If you discover something remarkable, and are happy to do so, please send us a picture for our website. ... Learn More


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    This is the tree that is grown worldwide to produce plum-sized, juicy, sweet purple/brown figs and although there are hundreds of cultivars this is still a favourite. Fruits will ripen from midsummer onwards in the UK but earlier in warmer countries. These are good, fertile seeds and are ready-stratified for sowing. Fruit from seedlings may vary but all should be superb fruits. ... Learn More


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    This is the tree that is grown worldwide to produce plum-sized, juicy, sweet purple/brown figs and although there are hundreds of cultivars this is still a favourite. Fruits will ripen from midsummer onwards in the UK but earlier in warmer countries. These are good, fertile seeds and are ready-stratified for sowing. Fruit from seedlings may vary but all should be superb fruits. ... Learn More


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